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Some of us have been fortunate (or not as the case may be) to have experienced something out of the ordinary which touches our lives in an inextricable way. One way in which you can ensure that your experiences are made available to all those whom are interested and to enrich peoples lives is to provide us with details and we will do the rest.

Please use the form below to contact us with any relevant news stories or UFO sightings and/or encounters you have experienced. We will investigate all cases thoroughly and may even feature your case on our site. All identifying details will of course be removed to protect your privacy (unless you specifically ask us not to). Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Please be as specific as you can in regard to details. Reports generally contain information relating to, times, dates, weather conditions (wind speeds, rain, sun etc), witnesses (and numbers), location information, and any other relevant information you deem appropriate – if in doubt include it as we would rather have too much information than not enough.

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