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UFOs or ‘unidentified flying objects’ remain a key military and intelligence issue for governments all around the world. Despite their sometimes relaxed posture to sightings and the publics perception of them, UFO sightings are indeed investigated. For example, the UK Governments stance on UFO sightings is that unless there is evidence to suggest that an unknown craft is posing a threat to national security then they are not readily investigated. Recently released MoD files however suggest that their interest in these strange sightings involve more investigation than we are lead to believe.

The sole purpose of collecting sighting reports from our readers is to gain further understanding of this controversial and popular phenomenon from the individuals whom have experienced it. UFO witnesses range from all walks of life from all backgrounds, to blue collar workers, airline pilots, to police and military officers. UFO sightings are of course not a localised phenomenon, with reported sightings deriving from every nation across the globe. Famous and above all credible, witnesses include Jimmy Carter whom was involved in the infamous case of 1969 (which may have been a sighting of Venus) and the ‘Flying Cross’ incident in Devon, UK where an unknown craft was chased by two police officers in 1967. In a further infamous case, now labelled the ‘Portage County UFO Chase’ which took place in 1966, again, two police officers gave chase in their police vehicle, a bright illuminated UFO for over 15 minutes by which time over seven policemen became involved in the pursuit.

Many UFOs are observed in surroundings which do not provide an accurate frame of reference from which distance and dimensions can be cataloged. These strange objects can sometimes hover silently for extended periods and then instantaneously soar of at incredible speeds which conventional aircraft cannot travel. We generally believe that around 90 percent of unidentified sightings can be attributed to mother natures causes such as meteorites, distant planets, birds, aircraft, satellites, or space debris. This clearly leaves us with around 10 percent of cases which cannot be attributed to rational explanations.

Several witnesses have in the past explained to me that they had not intended to comment about their experience but thought the information they held may be of importance and felt it their duty to report. Typical witnesses statements often report watching stationary flashing lights low on the horizon for extended periods whilst observing they are not observing a star or indeed a planet. Sometimes even experienced witnesses, when in unusual environments or atmospheric conditions become confused, but in normal circumstances upon reflecting after the event fairly accurate descriptions can be recorded. This includes items such as the date of sighting, time, duration, number of witnesses and location facts.

Although many reported UFO sightings are later explained as lights in the night sky, a considerable amount are unknown objects with defined shapes often observed by several witnesses, and in some cases in many different cities. It is worth noting however that the majority of UFO cases go unreported, and for this reason there are many hundreds if not thousands of UFO sightings which have not been fully investigated around the world.

I summary, whatever it is you have experienced, felt, seen in the skies is worth reporting. Don’t loose you voice and be heard amongst the crowd, your experiences are important, and you may not have been the only one whom also ‘experienced’ something!

If you have something that you would like to report then please visit our UFO Sightings Forum to tell us about it and get expert help and guidance.

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