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Space Exploration Moon Mars Interstella Video Documentary

Giovanni Bignami, former Chairman of the Space Science Advisory Committee of the European Space Agency, and author of the ESA Cosmic Vision 2015-25 ten year planning document, speaks about the future of space exploration. How is his vision document being implemented? Should we try and go back to the Moon? Should we go to Mars instead? Should we try and settle Mars? How quickly can we get a Mars mission up and running? Can we engineer an interstellar mission? And he tells his opinion about …

UFO Sightings 2009 NASA Original UFO Footage

This is the original video I created. This FULL VERSION contains the talk back and forth between the Space Shuttle Atlantis and Mission Control on the public channel about the UFO Footage video. It plays the clips in Normal, 3x , and 6x Speeds. An Emboss filter is also added at the end to show these aren’t reflections in the camera like one astronaut says.

For the latest UFO sightings head over to our new UFO Sightings 2010 page for more current and all the latest UFO/alien sighting videos.

Real UFO Sightings 2009 The NASA Tapes

NASA appear to be under no illusions about the existence unidentified flying objects. This recently released video shows some remarkable objects not far from the Earth’s atmosphere. It is interesting to see NASA highlighting these foreign objects, which to some extent, shows that their interest in these strange objects is evident.

This is a video of NASA exploring space and finding unidentified flying objects. At 4:30 you will see unidentified objects that seem to be intelligent Nasa tries to explain. Also at 4:41, you’ll see a frame that pops up and points out the UFO’s. Try clicking really fast to freeze the frame.

Human Space Exploration Video The Future?

A video by ESA regarding the future of space exploration. Date- 30th May. Source- www.esa.int ‘To land on the Moon and on Mars, scientists need a mix of human and robotic missions to know in advance what challenges must be met. A video report from the Berlin International Airshow’s Space Pavilion on the future of human exploration in space. In February 2008, the Agency’s long-awaited Columbus science lab was successfully delivered to the International Space Station, and on 3 April, the first …