Flying Rods Skyfish and Aliens

I have always been fascinated with entities in our environment for which we have little to no understanding. Rods or Skyfish as they are sometimes referred are just one of these entities which we understand little.

What are Skyfish or Rods?

With the advances over the past 15-20 years in digital equipment we are now beginning to uncover more information around the rod phenomenon. This is particularly true when considering the advances in slow motion, high definition pictures which are able to show extreme detail at very low speeds. This is generally where the Rods first came to view through digital photography methods. But what are they?

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Before we look in more detail around answers lets first have a quick look at a couple of videos to actually see some of these flying objects;

The Sky Fish or Rod Phenomenon

While shooting some stock, I discovered what could be a sky fish or “rod” in one of my clips. There is plenty of evidence that it’s not a bird, bug or “other thing”. Filmed by accident during a lightning and thunder micro burst. For more of my “stuff”…

Re: Skyfish – Flying rods ufo

Skyfish/flying rods(UFO) in Philippine cave 2008. unidentified mysterious white flying creature called flying rods/skyfish towards the camera. (Unintended Video Recording) Intended for picture taking. Date taken: 03/20/2008. real event Day of Jesus Ch…

There is great speculation around whether these objects darting through our atmosphere are ‘earthly’ in origin. Personally, I think that we have only just begun to identify them more than we have ever had chance before. We are far from identifying their source. What many need to remember is there continue to be many, many aspects of our planet which our technology is not currently equipped to identify. Just like Rods have evaded us until recently I am confident there are more entities residing on our planet which we simply have not seen yet.

Looking closely at the Rods though you are left with many questions. One thing is true however is that we know they travel at extreme velocity which indicates they had evolved this way as a result of avoiding detection and/or prey. This of course is assuming they originate from planet Earth. It may well be they are a remnant of prehistoric times. One thing is for sure though, as technology progresses we will continue to see more and hopefully compelling evidence with which to understand these strange flying rods better.

Would love to hear your views on what you think these flying things are! insects? alien beings?

Mexico’s Yucatan is hit by tropical storm Rina

Tropical storm Rina recently hit Mexico, cancelling 148 domestic and international flights in the area. Early on the day it hit, winds reached 95 kilometres an hour as the storm passed the resort town of Playa del Carmen. The storm shelters in this area were opened to take in those whose houses were damaged by the storm, with winds and rain causing a lot of problems. Many buildings lost their power as well, and the country’s military even moved to evacuate residents by force, as some had refused to move from a low-lying island at the north of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The storm was downgraded from a hurricane and continued to move north. Its speed of movement in this direction was about 11 kilometres per hour and experts were expecting it to move inland and continue to get weaker. Some people prepared for the storm, others were not too worried and played some partypoker or read books. When the storm hit Cozumel, there was flooding in some neighbourhoods due to torrential rains. This is an area that is very popular with tourists, and they had to be careful.

Around 10,000 tourists had left the area in the run-up to Rina’s approach, and while some remained, most stayed away from the beaches. In Cancun, 22 hotels shut their doors, which in turn forced around 600 tourists to take refuge in temporary storm shelters. Residents bought in extra food incase the storm was really bad, and some put up shutters to protect their homes. However, the storm did not hit as hard as expected, with damage being less than had been feared. Schools were still closed along the coast and on Cozumel as a sensible precaution and it seems that the area will make it through.

Dead Birds Falling from the Sky 2010

Recent reports of dead birds falling from the sky and laying screwn across surban lawns and roof tops were in fact the carcasses of dead Red-Winged Blackbirds and starlings in Arkansas.

These dead birds falling from the sky had experienced ‘something’ late new years eve 2010 and fell to their deaths over a one mile area of Beebe, Arkansas. A preliminary aerial analysis showed no other dead birds in or around the Arkansas area. Many thoerists are suggesting that dead birds falling from the sky on news years is an indicator of imminent apocalypse and to further this suggestion something even more sinister occured in this very same town.

Not only affected with thousands of dead birds falling from the sky, Arkansas also suffered a massive currently unknown episode whereby thousands of a certain species of fish where washed up in the Arkansas river a few days before the bird masacre. Locals believe the death of this amount of fish is related to water contamination from nearby factories rather than anything sinister.

Experts believe (here is a good National Geoprahic explaination of Dead Birds falling from the Sky) that the reasons for dead birds falling from the sky is nothing more than panic and alarm caused to the birds from fireworks and fell to their deaths as a result of this trauma.

Dead Birds Falling from the SkyAs a result of this stress, the red-winged blackbirds birds became disorientated and expired from over exertion. Studies of the birds subsequently showed healthy organ function although it was identified that many had unexplained blood clots.Several stories suggest the birds suffered from blunt force trauma however, given these are birds we are talking about, falling from the skies when stressed with over exertion you would expect to see this type of injury as a result of the final fall.

It is worth putting these reports into context given this types of bird deaths occur many times across the globe each year.For example, Jan 2007 saw Australian birds suffer a similar fate which incidentally took place at the end of the 07 meaning a very similar period.

As for my thoughts, I understand that muslims believe that birds are a sign of prosperity, freedom, carefree and therefore dead birds falling from the sky is a bad omen.? It signals the end of freedom and prosperity.

Many conspirocy thoerists are suggesting that the govenment has a part to play in this tradgedy. I have heard stories around weapons tests to name but a few.

There is even suggestion that bio-weapons are being tested over the skies of Arkansas through the release of thousands of insects exposed to a yellow fever virus in an attempt to see how affective the insects are at transporting the virus. Further, following these tests officials disguised as public health workers were said to be walking the local streets to understand what effect if any, these tests have had upon the populas.

One final thought on dead birds falling from the sky over Arkansas, I have yet to hear anything about ‘Chem’ trails which are omited by aircraft given I understand that a higher than average amount of trails were seen in Beebe, new years eve 2010 in Arkansas…..what do you think?

Sumerian Aliens

Sumerian Alien BooksSumerian aliens or sometimes referred to as the ‘ancient astronauts’ are classified as the most historical culture we currently are aware of. They spoke and documented writings concerning the Annunaki which originated from a faraway world and came across a world known today as planet Earth, abundant with precious metal and mineral deposits.

Sumerian aliens were in fact one of the first civilisations who also forecasted the rising and setting of the sun which were precise enough to calculate eclipses demonstrating the level of intelligence well beyond that expected. They achieved this approach using the exact same heliacal methods many of us make use of today, through calculating the rising and setting of the planets and stars within our heavens in relation to our sun.

Ancient Astronauts?

Key to everything in connection with Sumerian’s are their gods and goddesses, which as a collection they referred to as the Anunnaki. The Annunaki subsequently directed them to commence mining as well as collecting the earth’s precious resources and made a decision to customize the ancient human forms they discovered by merging their own genes with humans to create the present day man.

Evidence of Sumerian Aliens

Probably the most remarkable remaining literary works of the Sumerian’s are their legendary verses documented on clay-based tablets regarding the vocation and breakthrough discoveries of a renowned emperor referred to as Gilgamesh.

Ziggurat Pyramids

One can find pyramid like constructions known as ziggurat’s, that had been created as a result of the Sumerian’s. These very same Sumerian aliens it is also understood helped inspire the Egyptians hence the pyramind connection. The ziggurat’s are made with sides climbing towards a temple top, that includes a number of platforms, each individual side decreasing in dimensions achieving approximately three hundred ft.

Sumerian Aliens Tablet
Sumerian Alien Writing Tablet

Most of the literary works includes references to common myths, hymns, along with incantations.  They created a legislation, backed up by a sophisticated political and financial institution and their engineering accomplishments included wheeled vehicles as well as pottery wheels, in addition to such design characteristics as columns, vaults, and domes.

The beginnings of the Sumerian’s is in fact a mystery. What is understood is they were definitely non-semitic meaning they did not derive from the region that they were located. This reveals a number of issues with regard to archaeologists for example where the pre-Sumerian civilizations resident in the community appear to not have orginated in the local areas prodiving some evidence to suggest they may be immigrants.

The Sumerian’s created walled towns and cities as well as designed the first acknowledged writing referred to as cuneiform, whereby ‘scribes’ also known as ‘record keepers’ etched designs on top of damp clay tablets which were subsequently dried out.

The Sumerian number structure took it’s origin from the number twelve, which is why we now have 60 minute hrs, 24 hour days, 12 month yrs, not to mention three hundred and sixty degree circles. Although refered to in many circles as Sumarian Aliens they clearly were ahead of their time and in cases such as these are often therefore refered to as ‘aliens’ but the evidence does not suggest this – or does it?

Leave your views and lets debate it!

What Causes Tornados

Tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms and is categorized as a violently rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground. Typically tornados appear as rotating, funnel like clouds which extends from within a thunderstorm to the ground. Pretty to look at but devastating on nature with severe winds which can reach speeds of 300 miles per hour. Studies have shown that Tornadoes are more likely to form between the hours of 3pm and 9pm although it the results are caveated in that tornados can occur at any time and occasionally, tornadoes develop so quickly that little, if any at all, advance warning is possible.

The average advancing speed of a tornado is around 30mph however this can vary
significantly from an almost motionless speed to acceleration of up to 70mph in addition to rotating winds in excess of 250mph. If these forces of nature were not enough, a strong Tornados can also accompany tropical storms and hurricanes as they begin to move onto land.

So what causes Tornados?

Tornados are caused by cold and warm air joining together violently including fronts, lows, highs, and prevailing wind patterns. The arch nemesis of the Tornado, the Supercell often forms from a regular thunderstorm, although can be generated independently. Supercells in contrast typically produce substantial amounts of rain, severe winds,
enormous air downdrafts, hail, as well as tornadoes themselves.

Tornado Watches

Tornado Watches and their immediate alerts signify that there is a potential of tornadoes forming in the local area. Individuals within a particular watch area when notified of a tornado should be ready to react quickly should a warning be issued or if they believe that a tornado is approaching. In most countries where tornados and
hurricanes are prevalent National Weather Services typically issue tornado
watches/alerts whenever tornadoes are possible within the local vicinity. Being prepared for these alerts is crucial and it is recommended that individuals whom reside in high risk areas should review their disaster plans to include the safety and location of family members, access to radio or televisions well before any alerts are issued.


Under typically circumstances, ocean water needs to achieve a temperature above 79 degrees for a hurricane to form, as a consequence, Hurricanes generally develop during the late summer months into the early fall when atmospheric and water temperature conditions are at their optimal. Hurricanes and tropical storms can also help develop
microburst’s, and storm surges which is effectively a rapid rise in water levels which is generated from the winds pushing the water inland. These and storm surges which impact coastal regions, cause extensive damage from heavy rainfall. Although
immensely powerful a beautiful sight is the tranquil centre of a hurricane named the eye, this is one of the most
recognisable aspects of these storms being a very distinctive picture within the many satellite images taken during the storm seasons.

Storm Categories

  • Category Five – sustained winds of 156mph +
  • Category Four – sustained winds from 131 to 155mph
  • Category Three – sustained winds of up to 111?130mph
  • Category Two – sustained winds of up to 96?110mph
  • Category One – sustained winds of up to 74?95mph

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