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Top 10 Egyptian Statues Revealed

Egypt has many, many treasures of our ancient past but what are some of the top Egyptian status since there are so many of them? Click on any of the below images to learn more about each one and what impact it has upon our understanding of ancient Egypt and the amazing array of statues, gods and technology they reveal.

Sumerian Aliens

Sumerian Alien BooksSumerian aliens or sometimes referred to as the ‘ancient astronauts’ are classified as the most historical culture we currently are aware of. They spoke and documented writings concerning the Annunaki which originated from a faraway world and came across a world known today as planet Earth, abundant with precious metal and mineral deposits.

Sumerian aliens were in fact one of the first civilisations who also forecasted the rising and setting of the sun which were precise enough to calculate eclipses demonstrating the level of intelligence well beyond that expected. They achieved this approach using the exact same heliacal methods many of us make use of today, through calculating the rising and setting of the planets and stars within our heavens in relation to our sun.

Ancient Astronauts?

Key to everything in connection with Sumerian’s are their gods and goddesses, which as a collection they referred to as the Anunnaki. The Annunaki subsequently directed them to commence mining as well as collecting the earth’s precious resources and made a decision to customize the ancient human forms they discovered by merging their own genes with humans to create the present day man.

Evidence of Sumerian Aliens

Probably the most remarkable remaining literary works of the Sumerian’s are their legendary verses documented on clay-based tablets regarding the vocation and breakthrough discoveries of a renowned emperor referred to as Gilgamesh.

Ziggurat Pyramids

One can find pyramid like constructions known as ziggurat’s, that had been created as a result of the Sumerian’s. These very same Sumerian aliens it is also understood helped inspire the Egyptians hence the pyramind connection. The ziggurat’s are made with sides climbing towards a temple top, that includes a number of platforms, each individual side decreasing in dimensions achieving approximately three hundred ft.

Sumerian Aliens Tablet
Sumerian Alien Writing Tablet

Most of the literary works includes references to common myths, hymns, along with incantations.  They created a legislation, backed up by a sophisticated political and financial institution and their engineering accomplishments included wheeled vehicles as well as pottery wheels, in addition to such design characteristics as columns, vaults, and domes.

The beginnings of the Sumerian’s is in fact a mystery. What is understood is they were definitely non-semitic meaning they did not derive from the region that they were located. This reveals a number of issues with regard to archaeologists for example where the pre-Sumerian civilizations resident in the community appear to not have orginated in the local areas prodiving some evidence to suggest they may be immigrants.

The Sumerian’s created walled towns and cities as well as designed the first acknowledged writing referred to as cuneiform, whereby ‘scribes’ also known as ‘record keepers’ etched designs on top of damp clay tablets which were subsequently dried out.

The Sumerian number structure took it’s origin from the number twelve, which is why we now have 60 minute hrs, 24 hour days, 12 month yrs, not to mention three hundred and sixty degree circles. Although refered to in many circles as Sumarian Aliens they clearly were ahead of their time and in cases such as these are often therefore refered to as ‘aliens’ but the evidence does not suggest this – or does it?

Leave your views and lets debate it!

Mysterious Stone Balls of Costa Rica

Workers chopping and burning their way throughout the compact tropical forest of Costa Rica to empty an space for banana groves in the 1930s fell upon some unbelievable things, scores of stone balls, many of which were faultlessly round. They were mixed in dimensions from as tiny as a cricket ball to an astonishing 8 foot in width and weighing over sixteen tons. In spite of the fact that the great stone balls are potentially created by the human hand, it continues to be unknown who constructed them and for what intention plus, most difficult to understand, how they attained such spherical accuracy.

[ad#linkunitbox]The stone balls were positioned in groups, each group comprising off three to 50 balls. According to the initial approximations prepared by archaeologists, the period of the balls was related to be the 14th to the 15th centuries of the Common Era when the fathers of Indians, Inca and Mayan, were occupying these areas.

Small Stone Ball in Costa Rica
Small Stone Ball in Costa Rica

The majority of the balls are constructed of a tough, volcanic rock named granodiorite, although a scattering are composed of coquina, a form of limestone. The quarry from which the granodiorite derived is positioned in the Talamanca mountain range, around fifty miles from the region where the balls were placed. This revelation prompted supposition as to how such enormous stones could have been manouvered over such a lengthy distances lacking current transportation systems.
Because the stone balls were gathered in frameworks looking like planetary constellations, it was implied that they were almost certainly astronomical observation markers, a form of planetarium constructed by individuals from another unknown or forgotten civilization.

In Costa Rica, archeologists have identified and listed hundreds of the balls and if you take a trip to the area, you are able to view some of the stones within the many museums there. In fact, a significant amount of the stones have been moved to influential official structures, such as hospitals town halls and in city parks. The bulk of the stones were transported across the state and just 6 stone balls are noted to rest in their primary locations.

To conclude the source of the Costa Rican stone balls is rather hard. They are flawlessly spherical in shape, cultivated, extremely bulky, and in some cases weighing several tons and constructed of pure hard stone and given their apparant age it is difficult to comprehend how earlier civilisations could have produced such amazing stone objects.

That said of course, the enormity of the Pyramids continues to elude explanation and for that matter, the mysterious stone balls of Costa Rica are no exception. History is peppered with a large number of mysterious and as yet unknown methods of construction and perhaps we just have to accept that some civilizations possessed skills and abilities far greater than we gave them credit for…

What Was At The Top of The Mayan Pyramids?

The majority of Mayan pyramids are temples to the spirits and not the burial tombs like the great pyramids of Egypt. These temple pyramids typically comprised one or more rooms. However, the areas were so confined that they may well simply have been used during ritualistic occasions and were not designed for community use. Even though Mayan occasionally entombed there their leaders they consistently placed the temple at the top of the Mayan pyramids. For the most part, these pyramids possessed a platform on the top on which was erected into a smaller structure, devoted to any of the Mayan gods.

The old Mayan Pyramids are representative of great marvel and secrecy and they are located from Central US to as far a field as the Indonesian island of Java. The Pyramids are a monument to their developed controlled mastery; the intricacy of their construction and their connection to planetal movement have frequently caused many speculations as to their real beginnings. The structures are impressive in their own right and exactly as with the Egyptian pyramids it is not recognized exactly how they were constructed.

Mayans are people that originate from the southern region of Mexico and the northerly area of Central America. Mayan pyramids, in reality, were constructed in a broad diversity of forms to function as a extensive assortment of roles, aside from righteous ones, according to the customs of each area as well as the time period. Mayan cosmogony and legend show a great amount about the start of this civilization, their ideologies and customs and according to archaeological suggestion, it has been revealed that the ancient Mayans started erecting their distinctive ceremonial buildings, recognized as Mayan Pyramids or Pyramid Temples, around 3,000 years ago.

They were at first purely burial rises, the predecessors of the imposing stepped pyramids that originated from the Terminal Pre Classic era and even earlier. To the Mayans, their pyramids additionally symbolized mountains, while their temples at the top of the Mayan pyramids represented caverns that led to the the land of the dead, while the openings were indicative of the apertures of beasts, and consequently were adorned with symbols and pictures as a result.