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Real Ghost Picture or Fake?

I routinely scour through the latest news and blogs looking for recent ghostly apparition sightings and came across this article from the ABC Australia newsroom. The back story to the ghostly image is common place but in the interests of impartiality this is the story behind this alleged ghost photo.

Tasmania’s Maria Island

A group of school students from Triabunna High School were camping on the isolated Maria Island. Whilst walking around the buildings upon the island the group of 8th graders ventured into the ‘Coffee Palace’ whereby they proceeded to snap this picture.

A Picture of a Real Ghost?
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The Ghost Story Connection

A ghostly image is not complete without the back story. In this case the ghost image is attributed to one of Maria Islands long deceased residents a Rosa Adkins. Rosa was the wife of Thomas Adkins and died in 1942. It is alleged that Mrs Adkins was associated with the Coffee Palace through running a restaurant and boarding lodge many years earlier. In addition to the ghostly tale many visitors to the Palace have encountered ghostly goings on and had to steer clear of the location for fear of seeing the ghost of Mrs Adkins.

The Ghost Image

Having conducted some enhancements to the original image the image to the right has had some defining filter applied to it. There certainly is an image present within the right hand pane of glass. The fact is we could be seeing a reflection from the person or persons taking the photo. That said, there is definitely an image present and you have to use your judgement as to whether this is a genuine ghostly image or simply mis-identification.

Ghost Sightings

Have you had a ghost encounter and caught it on camera? Have you experienced your very own ghostly apparition? Drop round to our Ghost Sightings Section of the forum and lets us and other experts know about it.