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Conisholme Wind Turbine UFO News Outcome Due Shortly


We are led to believe that the now infamous UFO crash site site at Conisholme Wind Turbine site is soon to be concluded.

Following the devastating damage caused to the wind turbine back in January of 09 the remains of the wrecked blade were sent to Germany for forensic tests to determine what if any, alien object, collided with the blade so seriously to inflict the sort of damage seen to the 65ft object.

Speculation has been rife around the internet and general media that the damage sustained by this incident must have been from a significantly sized object to render the turbine unrepairable. Early reports suggested blocks of ice falling from aircraft or indeed merely damage sustained through the impact of the downed blade – it is noted however that the wind speeds at the time of the alledged UFO crash were very low meaning the second blade which become detached from the main hub would have been not been the likely caused of the damage.

Ecotricity are due to receive the forensic report in a matter of days and we expect to hear of the outcome very soon thereafter. Updates to this story will be published as soon as they happen…

6th February UPDATE – Looks like the report is being delayed and will not be avaliable until next week, watch this space….

17th March UPDATE – Dale Vincent of Ecotricity has stated on his blog that “The bolts that failed were found to exhibit ‘classic fatigue’ signs (from the forensic testing).  The bolts were not the root cause though only a symptom.  The root cause has been found, it was a manufacturing/QC defect with regards the blade adaptor, basically the bit that joins the blade to the machine hub.  A key part here was out of tolerance, allowing movement that put the bolts under loads outside their design limits.”

Conisholme UFO Crash Site Update – Donut UFO Photo Captured

Donut UFO Sighting
Donut UFO Sighting

Reports coming out of Suffolk’s Louth Leader today have indicated a sighting of a Donut shaped UFO craft just days before the Conisholme wind turbine crash.

Brian Lee, 55, from neighboring Saltfleet was driving along Billings Gate road in South Somercotes at 4.30pm on December 9. He stopped his car to take some pictures of a dramatic sunset on his mobile phone which he duly captured. Following analysis of the pictures upon his return home, the discovery of the unusual shaped object in the sky backdropped by the dramatic sunset he intended to capture.

He commented to the Louth Leader: “I looked at my phone and just saw this donut-shaped thing in the sky; I didn’t know what to think it was.”

We have enhanced the image in only brightness and contrast to better see the donut shaped craft but as you can see the image is quite striking in nature and appears to be fairly significant in size using the car windshield as reference.

Pictures courtesy of the Louth LeaderMr Lee, further commented: “I’ve sat on this photo for a while because I just didn’t know what to think about it”.

Meanwhile, the wind turbine farm owners Ecotricity have today commented that it was “narrowing down the options” and was closer to an understanding, but added: “we’re not there yet”.

Ecotricity has suggested a number of possible causes for the damage, including a possible collision. But it also said that lightning or some kind of material, design or maintenance failure was a more likely cause.

Dale Vince, Ecotricity managing director, said today that there was still “no evidence” of a collision, and that if something had collided with the turbine there should be some debris on the ground and an exchange of materials between the two objects involved in the collision. Once the bent blade is removed, more light could be shed on the matter, but added: “It is more than likely, as many have suggested, that the fallen blade hit and broke the second blade on the way down.”

It therefore seems that the analysis of the remaining bent turbine blade will be telling in the investigation. Given an impact of some kind has occurred it would be logical to assume that evidence of the impact material would be present on the blade itself.

We understand that the company has now started work to rebuild the damaged turbine, with all three blades and the central hub on the Enercon turbine being completely replaced. Heavy lifting equipment is currently located at the Fen Farm site ready to instigate the repairs. The forensic investigation of the turbine wreckage is currently being carried out in Germany and is ongoing.

17th March UPDATE – See Conisholme UFO Verdict Cause

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Conisholme UFO Alien Sighting – New Eye Witness Account

Following the scoop unearthed by the Louth Leader last week regarding the strange sightings of UFO’s shortly before and after the now infamous Wind Turbine crash an additional witness has come forward with interesting testimony as reported by the Louth Leader yesterday (13th Jan).

Rebecca Hodgson of Louth was tending to her horse in stables just off London Road, Louth on Saturday January 3rd – the night before the 65 ft blade fell from the turbine in Conisholme.

Rebecca noticed that her horse was spooked by a ‘flashing orange ball’ in the sky which she described as a bright orange light which circled above the turbines. She said: “It was really bright and glowing, it went dimmer and then moved across horizontally”.

Alarmed by her horse’s reaction, Rebecca alerted her mother and sister by shouting “there was a UFO in the sky”. Rebecca commented, “Animals are more susceptible to things like that. Obviously we get a lot of airplanes flying over but she never normally gets bothered by them. I instantly thought it was strange”.

This of course is not the only sighting prior to the events of Sunday 4th January, several witnesses have stated that an ‘orange’ light was seen in and around the wind turbine farm and some accounts also document the dubbed ‘Octopus UFO’ in which tentacles of light were seen being omitted from a strange light in the sky.

We continue to await news from the German forensic team currently studying the alleged UFO crash debris and a spokesperson from the wind farm company, Ecotricity said: “hopefully we will get the results in by the end of the week – if there is a rational answer out there, we will find it”.

17th March UPDATE – See Conisholme UFO Verdict Cause

Conisholme UFO Alien Sighting – News Update

Recent reports in the press yesterday have stated that security guards and dog patrols have been employed at the alleged UFO Alien crash site at Conisholme wind farm in Lincolnshire.

The reasoning behind the employment of security around the site lays in Ecotricity’s concerns around would-be UFO hunters scouring the site for missed fragments of debris. Nick Pope, former MoD operative involved in the investigation of the UK’s UFO sightings has commented that “There may be something they don’t want people to see”.

As we commented earlier this week one possible explanation around the causes of the turbine blade damage may be some form of craft impacting the blade. Mr Pope infers that it is possible a secret military aircraft such as a stealth bomber might have hit the turbine during a test flight, or that the turbine blade simply fell off, damaging the other one in the process.

Mr Pope commented: “If a stealth aircraft struck the turbine, it may be made of some material which is itself top secret.”

Forensic tests of the damaged turbine blade and other “foreign debris” collected at the site are ongoing in Germany. Further updates to follow.

17th March UPDATE – See Conisholme UFO Verdict Cause

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Conisholme UFO Incident – Analysis of the Facts

Further to our previous posts around the Conisholme alleged UFO sighting and crash site at the Ecotricity wind turbine farm we today look at the facts surrounding this bizarre incident. Given the amount of information currently circulating around the net regarding this now infamous potential UFO incident we thought it would be an ideal time to focus on the facts of the case and to reflect on what we now know.

Location History:

Conisholme is located on the north east region of the UK sited just a few miles from the local coastline of the North sea. The turbine at the heart of this incident is one of 20 at the Conisholme site, which has been fully operational since April 2008.

Event dates:

January 04th 2009 at approximately 4am the wind turbine at Conisholme was struck by a mystery object. The story was first reported on January 6th in the local Lincolnshire paper, the Louth Leader.


Ecotricity, the Stroud, England-based power provider has recovered substantial wreckage from the site including the missing turbine blade (contrary to earlier reports of it being ‘missing’ from the site) and smaller fragments. Managing Director Dale Vince, who was interviewed over the mystery on BBC Radio 4, said the company is still investigating. “We have been crawling all over it and have sent bits off for analysis to see if we can work out what caused it,” Vince said on the company’s Web site. “To make one of these blades fall off, or to bend it, takes a lot.”

The turbine manufacturer, Germany’s Enercon, is examining some of the broken parts and Henri Joppien, a salesman for Enercon has commented that “It was not a flying object, ice or extreme wind gusts, and there is no general defect or manufacturer’s problem”.


January 9th around 4am wind speeds were around 2mph and temperatures -1 to 0 degrees.

Witness observations:

1. County councilor for the area Robert Palmer said he had seen a “round, white light that seemed to be hovering”. Mr Palmer said: “I actually saw a white light – a round, white light that seemed to be hovering. “That is the only way I can explain it – it wasn’t a flare-like light – it was just round, white light with a slight red edge to it that seemed to be over the wind turbines.”

2. John Harrison, a local witness, described how he looked out of his landing window and saw a “massive ball of light with tentacles going right down to the ground” over the wind farm. He said: “It was huge. With the tentacles it looked just like an octopus.”

3. Witness named as ‘Shelia’ commented, ‘I’m a very light sleeper and I didn’t hear or see a thing on Sunday night,’ said the 67 year old householder, ‘I hope that one day we will see aliens, but I doubt it will happen in that field. I’ve lived here for 20 years and nothing interesting has ever happened here. Except them building the wind farm, of course.’

4. Dorothy Willows, who lives a mile and a half from the crash site, commented: “The lights were moving across the sky towards the wind farm. Then I saw a low flying object. It was skimming across the sky towards the turbines.”

5. John Harrison, a local resident described looking at the farm out of his window and seeing “a massive ball of light with tentacles going right down to the ground”.

Inferred Causes:

1. Block of ice falling from a passing jet plane.
2. Ice build up on a neighboring turbine blade being dislodged and impacting the turbine.


It is clear from the facts accrued to date that something significant was required to cause such catastrophic failure of the turbine blade. Dr Peter Schubel, from the University of Nottingham, is an expert in the design and manufacture of wind turbine blade and has commented that if the turbine blade was still, it would take the equivalent of a 10-tonne load to do the kind of damage seen here, but if it was rotating, or hit by a moving object, the force could be a lot less.

He said of the possible cause: “It’s definitely not a bird. It could be ice thrown from a neighboring turbine that struck it. “Most turbines have an anti-icing system on the blades and maybe it failed to prevent the ice build-up.”

This is a possible explanation however in our view given the current wind speeds at the time of the incident it would be unlikely that ice would have had the momentum to propel itself sufficiently to hit a neighboring blade let alone cause the type of damage seen here. Having sufficient information to make an informed decision at this stage is not possible. It is likely however that following the analysis of the blade itself and smaller fragments we may be in a more favorable position to identify whether this incident has a reasonable coherent explanation or indeed something our UFO Alien cousins may have caused. We will be keeping an eye out for further information and will keep our readers posted.

17th March UPDATE – See Conisholme UFO Verdict Cause

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