Col Halt and Rendlesham Forest Interview

Rendlesham Forest Suffolk Halt Claims Real UFO

The Rendlesham Forest UFO incident has long been held as legend within UFO circles around the world. This is partly because so many credible witnesses were party to events those three nights in 1981.

The most compelling testimony came from a now retired Lt Col Charles Halt who formally recorded the events upon a department of air force “unexplained lights” memorandum dated 13 January 1981.

Despite the contents of this report which outlines in some detail the unexplained phenomenon, the incident was believed by some to be reflections from a nearby Lighthouse and not a UFO. However, Lt Col Charles Halt has now revealed that “extraterrestrials” were the origins of the events of 1981 Suffolk UK.

The colonel told a newspaper reporter “UFOs I saw were structured machines moving under intelligent control and operating beyond the realm of anything I have ever seen before or since”.

“I believe the objects that I saw at close quarters were extra terrestrial in origin”.

The colonel goes on to say that he believes the US air force issued a campaign of disinformation to ensure the public were provided with alternative justifications of the events thereby compromising perception of the real events.

A former MOD UFO desk employee, Nick Pope expressed his excitement about the colonel’s comments. He said, “this may allow us to finally solve Britain’s biggest UFO mystery”.

“It blows the MOD’s line that these events had no defence significance out of the water”.

We here at UK area 51 have no reason to doubt the words of the tenant colonel Charles Halt. It is, however, confusing as to why the colonel has chosen to express his views around the origins of the Rendlesham Forest incident at this time. Clearly, the Colonel has been retired from the United States Air Force and some considerable time during this period, and has not expressed this view previously.

Take a look at our Rendlesham Forest pages where you will find a fall transcript of the journey the colonel and his men took into the forest that night. You can draw your own conclusions about what it was they experienced. One thing is for sure, the lights which traveled through the forest were not a result of reflections from a nearby lighthouse…..

One thought on “Rendlesham Forest Suffolk Halt Claims Real UFO”

  1. I am glad to see the colonel has finally said the words “extraterrestrial”. A word he has been afraid to use till now. I have been following this case for years but what really makes me mad is the fact that its too little, too late, in the year 2009. The incident happened in 1980 and the people who originally released all the disinformation about the incident have since done a great job of burying it and ridiculing it, and now we will never learn the details through official channels. I just wish the colonel had of come out with this years ago. Too much time has elapsed since.If it was me, Id have caused uproar over it. They would have had to put a bullet in me to stop me from showing up the government over the entire issue. It makes me sick to see how they have brain washed the people so well, that they react to this subject with laughter or distaste. They no longer need to cover up this stuff because we do it for them every day. Make no mistake, we have never been the only people in this part of the universe. How can people look up at the countless stars in the sky, and while taking in that sight, still think, we are the only ones here, and how can people really believe that someone else wouldnt be interested enough in us, to come calling?

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