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Human Space Exploration Video The Future?

A video by ESA regarding the future of space exploration. Date- 30th May. Source- ‘To land on the Moon and on Mars, scientists need a mix of human and robotic missions to know in advance what challenges must be met. A video report from the Berlin International Airshow’s Space Pavilion on the future of human exploration in space. In February 2008, the Agency’s long-awaited Columbus science lab was successfully delivered to the International Space Station, and on 3 April, the first …

25 thoughts on “Human Space Exploration Video The Future?”

  1. youtube needs to feature one of your videos.
    people need more exposure to the wonder, awe, and intrigue science can provide.

  2. These plans is what makes it worth lookin 20-30 years ahead in time and actually feel premature excitement. Shining lights in a world of crap.

  3. It seems to me that we were on the right track 40 years ago at the onset of the Apollo priogram when Werner Von Braun had plans to continue to Mars by the eighties.

  4. i would have to disagree. we are anything but “on track”

    we can’t even figure out how to co exist with one another.

    our whole system is a hendrix to our advancement instead of people going to work to progress our advancement its just a bunch of monkeys working to buy a new ipod or new car.

    i give our species approx 50 years to get mars terraformed and liveable or we will simply breed ourselves out of existance . our population increases by 80+ million per year so just do the math.

  5. I nether said nor implied that we ARE on the right track now. Were you around to witness the evolution and demise of the Apollo Program?

  6. Because we had the momentum and plans to continue on to a manned Mars mission in the late sixties and early seventies, but the public lost enthusiam with the Moon missions and the whole project got shelved ion favor of the Space Shuttle.

  7. o ic ok ok .

    i would have to say that mars is more important than the moon because i dont think the moon could support life and on top of that mars is way bigger than the moon and humans need lots of space to breed.

    my statement before still stands though and all you need to do is look at the enviromental statistics and they will tell you im not making this stuff up its all documented.

  8. That’s fine, my original statement is based on where we were socially 40 years ago and it seems that you are mainly referring to the present state of affairs.

  9. The more we know the less we fear? I don’t know really. The fact that our Universe is not alone, and that it is just a gigantic buble floating arround…. that scares me, because what is really outside our universe. and even worse… what is, really our universe? Is it just a cell inside an organism? on the other hand, maybe we are superior?

  10. Check out the genius Robert Zubrin’s video ‘The Mars Underground’ with their plans to achieve a manned Mars mission for $20 billion using in situ resource utilisation to drastically reduce costs. We can manufacture rocket propellant from the martian CO2 atmosphere, and terraform it with space mirrors heating the Martian polar ice caps to thicken the atmosphere.

  11. lol. if we know that 2012. that their is the possibilities of earth being unlivable. so at that point. we would have to go in to space to save are life funny no that not funny because i think it is funny because if the end of the world as we know it ended. and we all are still worried about 1 trillion. lol ya and when the end comes then what will all of us do. or we are fucked and we are going to need 500 trillion anyways so we are fucked. to save life. think about it can be done peace

  12. Think about it planet earth this marvel of creation or whatever humans may refer to it as ,is already a space ship travelling through the cosmos if we look after it humanity can travel much further in comfort (well for some) no need for suits or protein pills all these rockets are a total waste of money and funds should be redirected to looking after the earth and keeping it healthy.

  13. It’s a fairly useless as a spaceship if it keeps going round in circles! Instead of going on holiday for a couple of weeks you could stay at home and drive around your back yard the whole time, but which one is more worthwhile?

    As for a “total waste of money” I’m afraid that demonstably is rubbish. Without human space exploration we would lack a huge amount of technology that benefits us all hugely. Without it we would have far less of an idea of the problems facing our planet!

  14. Iopener needs to look outside the solar system,sure the earth spins On its own axis and orbits the sun but also the whole solar system is moving about the center of the galaxy wich itself is travelling through space so one could hardly assume that its comparable to driving around a garden .Without wasting so much money on human space exploration we could have developed technology that benefits us all hugely.We can view the earth and see our problems without 1 human going into space.

  15. I laugh at these assholes who beleive the world is gonna end in 2012.How sad they are!

  16. You are everything wrong with humanity.

    On a side note, I do think that we need to have private parties exploring space.

  17. Please a little more info, Its a pretty big statement to suggest that i am every thing wrong with humanity as there is so much wrong with it lol how about being a little more specific.

  18. “shure” = ‘sure’.

    Your comment is just silly, how the hell are you able to communicate with me? Thanks to the work done to reach out into space.

    It is absolutely essential that we continue with space exploration, it is Steven Hawking said “we can’t keep all our eggs in one basket”.

    I am extremly thankful that you are not in a position power.

  19. Humans didnt need to travel into space for me to be able to communicate with you.

    Since you are so pedantic about my spelling maybe you should take a close look at your own sentence structure “it is Steven Hawkings said” .

    The feelings mutual about the position of power thing also.

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