The Secret Picture Lady Figure of Mars

This secretive picture taken by the Mars Spirit Rover was taken in 2004 shortly after landing safely on the red planet. However not until January 2008 when it was identified by an amateur astronomer pouring over the images, was the discovery bought to the publics attention.

Martian Landscape and Figure & No.5
Martian Landscape and Figure & No.5

To some, the image shows what appears to be a female figure with her head turned away from shot with her arm posed across her waist whilst sitting on a martian rock. Also of interest within the image is what appears to be the number ‘5’ etched into the nearby martian dust.

Given our interest in the martian landscape and the continued search for extraterrestrial life on the planet it is not surprising that the connection was made. However, past ‘sightings’ of strange structures (1976 photographs of the Cydonia region of Mars) have of course been identified, which following a further fly past by the rover team revealed the ‘face on mars’ to be nothing more than martian rocks distorted through shadows.

Female Figure on The Martian Red Planet?
Female Figure on The Martian Red Planet?

It is also of note that we draw ‘human’ similarities with the figure. This event, termed ‘pareidolia’, is recognized in psychology groups, and has proven to be the source of many reportedly mystifying and extraordinary occurrences. What do you think the image depicts?

5 thoughts on “The Secret Picture Lady Figure of Mars”

  1. ahhh,but look again,lower right corner,theres another one,,,,,is it an invasion or a hoax?Is this really mars

  2. Hi Anthony, yes this really is Mars and is a small section of a much larger image taken by the Rover. There are, in fact other strange items identified within this larger picture being recognized as some form of Egyptian writing (or so it is inferred). However, we humans do tend to read into pictures, and we therefore have to take our own predetermined ideas into the equation when viewing these types of images….

  3. Well, it looks like a mermaid or a woman in a dress.
    So what? Here on earth we also have rocks who ressemble humans specially when seen from a distance or from the right angle.
    I do believe that we are not alone in the universe, it would be a big presumption to think the only dust who created life after the big bang concentrated on earth, but it doesn’t have to be green men from Mars, so it’s propably just a rock.

  4. We are entering into the idea we are no longer one in the universe. So what if other “people” exist. Perhaps they are not interested with us and if they are then let us reach out. They might just be the best friends we have ever know. Why then if we are in contact does our government keep it from us? What are they afraid of? Perhaps the Roswell incident and holding hostages has created a rift and possible dark reality between the two. We better wake up…

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