Secrets of Area 51 in Nevada Video

It is no secret that Area 51 in Groom Lake, Nevada has within its boundaries a degree of advanced technology and perhaps downed alien UFO craft from a series of reported crashes over the last 60 years. Gaining access to the secretive base has been the goal of many and despite some ingenious plans has yet to reveal its purpose to the general public at large.

There is however, some interesting video footage of the Area 51 complex which was taken back in 2001 by two men whom braved interception by USAF craft to take this useful footage through their on board handheld video camera. The two gentlemen travelled on-board their light aircraft at altitudes of 12,000 feet to descend to the military base capturing some intriguing views of the area including the now infamous hanger 18. What is also interesting is the view of the two runways which are reported to be the longest in the world – the footage really does put this into perspective when you can see just how long these landing strips in the desert actually are.

What type of craft would require such an enormous landing area? What is stored in the gigantic hanger 18? The footage does not provide answers to these questions, but does however bring some interesting perspective to the secrets contained within the legend that is Area 51 in Nevada.

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  1. if u guy & or girls think u no what or why thay crashed yr wrong and y’ll never understand y or were thay came from but if u would like 2 no let talk if yr not afraid of what u find out ————-or if u think yr ready?

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