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UFO Ecotricity plant in Conisholme – Explanations?

UFO Ecotricity plant in Conisholme – Explanations?

Jan 10, 2009

The web is now buzzy with various attempts at explanations surrounding the alleged UFO Alien crash at Conisholme wind farm near Grainsthorpe in Lincolnshire. One such story involves a firework party held at a nearby garden to celebrate a birthday. This it is inferred may well explain the presence of bright orange lights given the relatively flat environment these ‘fireworks’ could have been seen for miles around.

Explanations surrounding the damage to the 65ft turbine blade however are somewhat less plausible. Investigators at Ecotricity have commented that metal fatigue, and the possibility of a large piece of ice falling from a passing plane, might explain the absence of other debris at the site.

This could well be a plausible explanation given the speed and size of a piece of ice which of course would have melted following impact however, considering the temperatures of this day it is unlikely that some fragments of ice did not remain. The other issue which does not appear to have been addressed is of course the missing 65ft turbine blade itself. We assume a passing piece of ice from a jet liner did not smash this massive piece of twisted metal into such small fragments as not to be seen?

A further explanation put forward is a piece of ice being thrown from an adjoining blade into the turbine but again, this does not explain the absence of the missing blade.

The case continues….

17th March UPDATE – See Conisholme UFO Verdict Cause

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