Scary Ghost Video Clips Croxteth Hall UK

Is this one of the best Scary Ghost Videos or something else more earthly?

Croxteth Hall in Liverpool is no newcomer to ghostly controversy having been a favorite for ghostly haunting investigations for many years.

In the 8 second CCTC clip, a luminous yellow glow is observed developing from with the trees outside Croxteth Hall in Liverpool. It next heads close to a path leading to the residence before vanishing. Similar to many ancient buildings, the hall has a long reputation for being ghostly, and the mystery illumination caught at around 3am last month has left paranormal devotees excited.

One hypothesis amid the pleased ghost hunters is that it may be the spectre of departed inhabitant Hugh William Osbert Molyneux, the Seventh Earl of Sefton, who passed away in 1972. Another challenger is the notorious wagerer William Philip Molyneux, the Second Earl of Sefton, who established the foundation stone for neighbouring Aintree Racecourse in 1829. A local legend speaks of his spirit appearing and strolling around the estate about the time of the Grand National.

Is this? one of the best Scary Ghost Videos we have seen to date? The ghostly footage has been reviewed and experts believe it is untouched having not been tampered with, the scary video clip certainly does appear to show what could be recognized as a human form but ultimately, the decision is yours…..

7 thoughts on “Scary Ghost Video Clips Croxteth Hall UK”

  1. me and my auntie are big believers in the paranormal, and we stringly believe that this is authentic footage.
    we are especially glad about this video because we live down the road from croxteth park. 😀

  2. Hi Dorothy – thanks for your comment. I must admit the footage is quite compelling although unfortuantely it is not overly conclusive in video terms. It may be a trick of the light or an insect causing blur but it could also equally be a spirit walking through Croxteth Hall gardens….

  3. thats amazing, them wall gardens arnt all that ghost free either though, croxteth park and st Helens church are amzingly combined, so interesting…x

  4. Thanks for your comment Helen. Yes, I agree that this is a real scary ghost video clip and have also heard before about the St Helens Church also being haunted – thankfully, here in the UK we have so many hanuted sites to explore!

  5. Oh c’mon. Think you people are trying to look for something more than is actually there. Anyone can see its only a Beige Labrador, or the like, blurred by the weakness of the CCTV camera lens. Notice how it slows down and is careful of its footing, when leaving the grass and stepping onto the sand/stone pathway? Classic Mutt manouvre.

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