Paisley Scotland Large Square Orange UFO Sighting

On January 9th 2009 in the remote village of Paisley Scotland eyewitnesses have spotted what is believed to be an UFO. At around 12.00am the witness was working in the west end of Paisley when his attention was drawn to a couple outside whom were gesticulating to the skies. The female stranger stated “look at that” whilst pointing to the heavens.

The witness said “as I looked from an upstairs window I saw a large flat square shaped orange dish”. He further said ,”The object was not flashing but remained very bright, while hovering the object briefly moved from right to left and then back again to the spot I had first seen it at”.

“I immediately informed my colleague who was in our office at the time and we both then went outside to have a look, my colleague confirms that he seen a bright orange light which appeared to be surrounded by a triangular shaped orange light, this remained for approximately 1 minute, the object then disappeared heading towards the Elderslie area of Renfrewshire”.

This is the second such report from this region within the last few weeks both describing an ‘orange light’. It certainly seems to be some sort of regular activity here, we shall keep you posted of any further UFO Alien happenings in the Scottish region.

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7 thoughts on “Paisley Scotland Large Square Orange UFO Sighting”

  1. Paisley isnt a remote village,rather one of the largest, if not the largest town in the country with over 100000 inhabitants.

  2. At around 10.30 this evening (sat 20th march 2010) I stepped outside my front door ,in the hunterhill area of Paisley , and in the southwest part of the sky ,coming from over the gleniffer braes I saw 2 bright orange lights heading across the sky and turn heading out towards the Hurlet/Barrhead area , I quicckly ran back inside to get my girlfriend to come and witness these ufo`s, as she came to the door annother 2 came from over the braes followed by anoother2 seconds appart ,they all drifted across the sky in similar directions before disappearing completely , has anyone else seen them.

  3. 20/03/2010 22.30hrs Walking along the Lochfield Rd at the mashes a bright orange light appeared over Chapelhill from the NNE direction then turned and climbed quite fast in ENE direction and disappeared in the distance then another one appears and travels in the same direction alltogether there was four seperate sightings 1n 15 to 20 minutes.There appeared to be no navigation lights or noise comming from the objects.

  4. Dan! i seen it too! My folks were visiting me in lochfield so me, my mum and nephew walked the dog down toward the park and seen the lights travel across the sky right to left (south heading north) and about 5 other people were standing looking at them…then another one was noticed in the east which was stationary for about 5 min (i thought it was a planet) and then it headed south along the same path as the other 2 had just came..Hmmmm.

  5. Tonight I seen i bright orange light flying really fast. I live in an area in which planes do fly over however this object was coming from a different direction and was flying much faster. I took a picture on my phone but it has not came out well, it just looks like a bright light in the sky. I ran to the back room of my house, as it appeared to have flu over my house, i could still see it but it had no back lights and appeared light a shadow in the sky. Its a bit weird. Any thoughts??

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