The Guardian UFO in Canada

Guardian UFO Sighting Ottawa Canada Who is Mysterious Guardian?

In Mid 1989 Tom Theofanous, operating within a Canadian UFO Research Organization, took delivery of a parcel derived from an individual entitled ‘Guardian’. It possessed no return destination. The parcel included a story about a UFO crash that reputedly occurred near by Carlton Place, about a 30 minute trip from Ottawa. Within the parcel was included a photocopied picture of an Alien the correspondence and associated photograph was taken to be somewhat of a joke by Tom.

However, his fellow director of the UFO Research Group Harry Tokarz, whom additionally examined the parcel contents decided to telephone Arthur Bray, a well respected UFO writer and investigator to inquire if he had someone in the Carlton region who might examine the accounts.

Fortunately, Arthur knew a man who was captivated by the area of ufology, Graham Lightfoot. Graham, used the slightly rough co-ordinates he received from Arthur Bray to not only identify the ‘UFO crash-site’ close to Manion Corners, but also tracked down a quantity of eyewitnesses.

One of those eyewitnesses, Diane Labanek, asserted that during the hours of darkness on the 4th November 1989, she saw an powerful, bright light cross overhead, heading close to a bog at the far end of the meadow to the rear and south side of her residence. She revealed she also observed a number of helicopters earlier that sunset using illuminated floodlights to survey the region.

The Guardian UFO in Canada
Guardian UFO Documents

Another West Carlton inhabitant recollected that was the weekend when some livestock ran away from a neighboring pasture, and that it took until late Sunday to retrieve them. Another pair of witnesses related to Graham about the wife becoming frightened by an extremely bright light beamed throughout their south facing bathroom windowpane. “It went right down our hall!” exclaimed the witness. The wife additionally recalled that she indistinctly recollected hearing the noise of helicopters during the the period. Other people spoke of “dogs and livestock being disrupted”.

Many individuals could reflect of unquestionably nothing unusual occurring during the weekend, including a couple who had a star viewing scope setup. Graham declared those findings together with with outcomes of his inspection of the meadow and bog behind Labanek’s residence and there were no indications on the ground, anywhere, of the weighty apparatus that would be required to obtain a ‘failed craft’.

No further contact was made by the illusive guardian until October 1991 when additional information was received through the mail by Tom. This information documented that a ‘conspiracy’ between the Chinese and ‘Grey Aliens which are planning to take over the world. Subsequent correspondence was again received from the ‘Guardian’ some months later which contained a Polaroid photograph of a ‘UFO’ flying across an unidentified road.

The final installment of correspondence was to be the most significant, with a video cassette tape with the name ‘Guardian’ with a fingerprint printed upon the facing cassette label. The video contained some quite extraordinary footage of what appears to be a large UFO craft hovering above a field.

No further contact to date has been made from the individual entitled ‘ Guardian’ to this date and there are many questions around this now infamous UFO sighting. Fortunately, the video evidence which has been examined many times by industry experts and confirmed to be authentic is available in the public domain and is included below for your viewing. You decide what to make of this UFO sighting, the one question, to consider is what was an unnamed individual doing in a remote field with a camcorder at the ready? this does seem to suggest the event from the ‘Guardians’ perspective may not have been as random as it was for the eyewitness Diane Labanek.

You be the judge.

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  1. One of the main torture/training goals is to bring someone to the brink and then step in and “save” them so they will love/worship their “savior”.

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