NYC Maple Mystery

The NYC Maple Mystery which captivated Manhattan for several years has been solved and accredited to a garden state food treating plant. Scientists from both states studied chemical registries, air specimens, weather records and 311 telephone logs to identify local company named Frutarom factory in gritty North Bergen, that was preparing fenugreek seeds on occasions the smell was identified. “The mystery of the maple syrup fog has at last been identified,” Major Bloomberg commented. “The odor is entirely innocuous and the corporation concerned does not look to be breaking any rules.”

The odor was first discovered around 8pm on October 27th 2005 in Lower Manhattan, and it appeared to extend rapidly uptown and into sections of the other boroughs so hurriedly that officials spoke of thier concern. The metropolis’s Office of Emergency Management dispatched antennas to the Police and Fire Departments, state emergency reaction forces in New York and New Jersey, and the United States Coast Guard, which talked with tugboats and container vessels at sea to decide if the odor was being discovered near by.

Inhabitants thought the NYC Maple Mystery smelled the likes of maple syrup, French toast, crepes or coffee cake and worried it may perhaps be a chemical spill or biological aggression dispatched by terrorists. The smell resurfaced randomly over the course of many months, when the breeze was right to bring it across the Hudson River and into New York area. Town examiners found nothing noxious, but could not locate the origin even as the smell persisted on several more occasions. Officials discovered that the strongest concentration of calls repeatedly came from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and that the odor accounts were inclined to be disclosed on days when wind speed was mild meaning that it was quick enough to transport odors but mild enough that they were not instantly distributed.

Major Bloomberg Discussing Findings
Major Bloomberg Discussing Findings

Researchers also discovered that the wind on the days in question ordinarily went from west to east, which reduced the hunt to locations in New Jersey that manufacture food supplements and perfumes. Last month, the Department of Environmental Protection equipped teams with unique sampling receptacle vessels and put them on high readiness to rush to the scene as soon as the smell came back. When 311 got Eighty calls about the odor on January 29th 2009, teams tore to the upper West Side and caught 4 air specimens. DEP scientist’s worked through the night and into the next morning to single out the compound concerned and thus solving the NYC Maple Mystery to the delight of Manhattans residents.

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