Alien Conversation Incident Norwich UFO Files Released

Following the release for further UFO files from the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) an interesting case in which a unnamed female encountered what she believed to be an Alien life form whom stopped the women to have what can only be described as a coherent conversation. The file which was part of a large batch of previously classified papers depicts a frightened and extremely concerned individual whom not only held a discussion with an Alien being but also observed the UFO craft departing which we assume with the Alien entity on board…

The aforementioned women telephoned Norwich Police on Tuesday 21st November 1989 requesting to speak with someone from the British MoD. The duty officer advised the women that he would pass on the details to the MoD on her behalf but insisted on first taking the ladies details down. The unknown woman insisted on several occasions that she will not provide any identifying information for fear of ridicule and newspaper involvement. The officer reassured the woman that this was not mandatory and to proceed with supplying him the information she wanted to impart.

In essence the lady was walking her dog on Monday 20th November 1989 at around 10.30pm on a sports field not far from her home when she was approached by a ‘man’ around 5’9′ tall with fair hair and interestingly what appeared to be a Scandinavian accent and wearing a light brown garment ‘similar to a flight suit’. The man asked the women if she would stop and ‘listen to what I have to say’. Clearly terrified by this strange encounter the lady remained with the man whilst he proceeded to inform her that he was in fact an Alien being from another planet similar to Earth, in an attempt to verify his claims to the lady he referenced the crop circle phenomena which he attributed to Alien spacecraft landings.

The man further explained that the purpose of their visits was entirely of a friendly nature but his orders were not to make contact with humans for fear that we may consider them hostile in nature. The ‘man’ had broken with his alleged procedures given he thought it was important for contact between the two people to occur.

The meeting between the two parties lasted for around 10 minutes when the man suddenly ran away towards the direction he came. The lady was at this time in a hysterical state and proceeded to run back to her home without delay. Whilst nearing her residence the lady claims that she was aware of a loud ‘buzzing noise’ behind her and when she turned to locate the source of the noise a large spherical object glowing orange and white was slowly rising from the park area and rose until out of view.

What makes this encounter particularly interesting is the genuine nature of the caller as detailed in the Police Officers report. Given the lack of publicity and attention the lady clearly was frightened about what she had experienced and in addition ridicule from the public and presumably friends and family. For this reason it would appear that this lady experienced something in the park that night back in 1989 however, there is no evidence within the MoD files to substantiate any of the claims made around this incident….

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