UFO Flap Scotland UK MoD Investigation

A huge UFO Flap over the skies of Scotland was revealed following revelations within declassified government dossiers which have exposed how Ministry of Defence (MoD) agents set in motion a top-ranking inquiry into a diamond shaped UFO observed floating above a Scottish town. MoD staff were so disturbed by the craft, which was caught on a camera, that they departed from usual systems and sent the sighting to politicians. They also bypassed directives banning inquiries into UFO sightings not contemplated an direct threat to national safety, and exhausted more than twelve months attempting to decipher the yet unexplained enigma.

UFO Scotland and Harrier Jump Jet
UFO Scotland and Harrier Jump Jet

The revelation around this episode is included in more than 1,000 pages of official records, describing hundreds of UFO sightings between 1987 and 1993, which has been made available openly at the National Archives in Kew for the first time today. The liberation of this once top secret files comes as reports of UFO activity in Britain are significantly increasing.

A picture of the incident has been made available which depicts the diamond shaped UFO craft in the skies above Scotland. Also in the image is what was later verified as a UK Harrier Jump Jet fighter craft and comparing the two airborne objects it is clear this craft was of a significant size. Given the british MoD’s stance on the investigation of UFO sightings which has been held for many years this investigation is a clear departure from established processes which emphasises the concern that was generated from this as yet unexplained aerial phenomena.

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