Advantages of Robotics RobotCub iCub Project

The advantages of robotics is clearly demonstrated throught the RobotCub program which is a research enterprise devoted to the achievement of embodied cognitive techniques. The goals of the program are twofold, to create an open humanoid robotic platform for investigation into embodied cognition demonstrated through the iCub and more recently the iCubII and to advance our comprehension of cognitive techniques by applying this platform in the research and development of cognitive capacities in humanoid robotics.

iCub Robot in Action
iCub Robot in Action

The iCub will have a material size and form close to that of a three year old child and will obtain its cognitive abilities through evolvement and learning in its surroundings and will self learn certain aspects of development through interactive examination, manipulation and mimicry, along with hand and face movement recognition.

The iCub schematics will be distributed on a an open system basis which can be utilised by researchers in all associated disciplines from developmental psychology to DNA research related robotics. The advantages of robotics iCub will be open source in both software but more significantly in all characteristics of the hardware and mechanical design. One of the ideologies of the RobotCub viewpoint on cognition is that manipulation performs a crucial role in the evolvement of cognitive capacity. Accordingly, the design is directed at maximising the quantity of degrees of freedom of the higher part of the body. The lower body will aid crawling on arms and legs and sitting on the floor in a steady position with unbroken autonomic transformation from crawling to sitting.

This will clearly assist in the advancement of robotics to enable the robot to investigate the surroundings and to hold and handle objects from the floor. The receptive systems will comprise binocular perception and tactile, cutaneal, and audible sensors. Functionally, the structure will be able to bring together the movement of the eyes and hands, hold and control lightweight items of acceptable size and appearance, crawl employing its arms and legs, as well as sit up. This will enable the system to investigate and move within the environment not simply by handling objects but also by way of movement.

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