UFO Alien Technology The Evidence & Area 51 The Big Debate

Join the big debate. We are inviting your views upon a persuasive idea that UFO Alien Technology is already in the hands of the US government and specifically, that physical evidence is held by military forces probably within hanger 18 of Area 51 Nevada.

Our motives for this debate focus upon the alleged evidence held by the US government including the retrieved alien spacecraft during the recovery of the ‘weather balloon’ in Roswell New Mexico in 1947, along with the presence of a second crash site in which physical Alien entities were also recovered. If, therefore, this ideal is correct why does the United States Government spend an enormous quantity of Public funds by way of NASA missions to identify ‘life in our solar system’ as per the recent launch of the Kepler Mission.

UFO in Area 51 Hanger
UFO in Area 51 Hanger

If advanced alien technology as exposed by Bob Lazar, particularly Element 115 (alleged fuel to power anti gravity propulsion units), is available what are the Governments motives for continuing to identify Alien races outside of the gaze of our current technology? If evidence exists why do they continue to spend funds attempting to answer a question that they already know the answer to?

Granted, they may wish to understand precisely where in the vast expanse of space this alleged UFO craft originated (assuming a return to sender badge was not affixed upon the craft!) and perhaps to search for different species, but to search for the answer to the ‘are we alone’ question seems to us somewhat superfluous.

What do you think? Do you feel that the US Government (and other countries, for that matter) have proof that Alien civilizations exist? If so, do you think that they will ever reveal what they know? Is the world ready to know the answer?

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  1. Hi, I will get this started. I for one have no doubt whatsoever that certain governments around the world have proof that Aliens have visited us from other worlds. You only have to look at some of the more convincing sightings to really confirm this. Roswell and the Rendlesham forest incidents for example provide some great examples of credible witnesses to extraordinary events. Granted, I think there is some millage to the fact that some sightings can be attributed to black ops projects given some of the crafts seen especially around area 51, seem to suggest that some unconventional looking objects actually originate from terrestrial origins. Why do the continue to explore space if they already know that life exists elsewhere? I reckon any of the Alien life forms which crashed here are probably dead and perhaps they want to further their knowledge in an attempt to locate where in the vastness of space these beings originated? who knows, I doubt in my lifetime we will ever get any answers…

  2. Earth is not the only planet with life, most of the general public know this,the problem with the governments of the world is that they are probably to afraid of mass panic if they do give us the truth, the human race probably originated from a dying planet somewhere else in the universe anyway.

  3. The public is perhaps not ready to accept that aliens are among us, and many of them are already in the government trying hard to hamper our efforts to build more sophisticated spacecrafts, they slash the funds from worthwhile projects and pour them into ideas that have no future and the fuss over the carbon emissions is one example for you. But the worst is yet to come, because this alien bastards are protective of so called gay people,advocate abortion,authorize wars that also take a heavy toll on us humans.Is that not a sufficient proof that aliens exist and that they are in the government stringing us along, making us believe that care about people.

  4. To answer your question one must look at all the posibilities and their repurcussions and decide if this is indeed what has occured. It is rather like the golbal warming studies underway in which the “model” is run for a number of simulated years to see if it is stable and then compare it to known history.

    So here goes nothing. Does the USA have a captured alien spacecraft ?

    Yes – Then how did they get it and what are they doing with it ?

    They captured a crashed one but it doesnt work (it crashed remember)
    but according to several reports they are trying to fly and/or reverse engineer these craft (which are in working order) how did they obtain them?
    Well they traded for them, what could we possibly trade with aliens that would an exchange the aliens would “go” for? Money – I think not, they can make all the paper they want, Power, They already have that too. What is the one thing that can be found on Earth that is no where else in the universe? People that’s what, the Aliens want to “study” us, we may be unique to the universe because of our geological history, there may not be mamals on other planets, they may be decendent from something similar to dinosaurs, and as a result they have no real information on how we work. If the Ailens had struck a deal with the government it would be ” OK you give us some space craft we can study and we will let you study humans as long as you are descreet”, we will cover up any sightings call them swamp gas etc. OH by the way VERY littl fuel for the craft so we can’t take them very far. This would explain NASA doing it’s own thing. Can’t drive the car without “GAS”

    This would explain the Governments complicity with the whole scheme, why else would they go to such great lengths to discredit anyone who sees a UFO. They have sold us out to the Aliens for advanced technology.

    And that, my friends is why they will NEVER reveal what they have done.

  5. I believe the reason why our tech is so advanced with bluetooth headsets and 3D television is that we have reverse engineered the gear from aliens and put it into our own,the reason being why we dont have flying cars like in “BACK TO THE FUTURE” Clearly stated in the movie by the man who predicted it, is that our goverment is sooooo worried that we,ll pick up on their whole “alien cover up” and see that weve went from News reels in movie theatres to something so complex as flying cars they carefully leak out bits of new “Break throughs” in tech advancement every 5 to 10 years just so that we think its “Natural” that were taking so long to develop new toys for us to use in every day life, i find their cover ups cheap and idiotic,anyone with a brain who sees that in the past 100 years weve went from radio to listening and watching news and movies on something thats the size of a small box of matches could see this is Obviously the Goverments failed attempt to hide the truth from smart, able bodied americans.

  6. Following up on my last endevor to blow the cover ups out of the water,i have found numerous accounts of the goverment not only finding crashed ships with bodies of alien visitors in em,but actually hunting them down by f-22 fighter planes and very few times,getting what they want, for example,in recent years a U.F.O was spotted somewhere in the southwest U.S. air radar shows “the U.F.O in the airspace followed up by not only 2 but 12 more f-16 fighter jets trying to hunt it down and capture it, and then the Goverment has the Odasity to say” ooh well there were no f-16,s in the air on that day” WHEN clearly multiple eye witness accounts and Surveillence cams on cops dashboards caught the UFO and the f-16s flying off,then later the next day the Goverment Has the nuts to say” ooh well,there were f-16s but they were just doing a Practice run that day’ ooh dear lord,strike them with a lightning bolt, once again the goverment trys to cover their butts with a invisible towel of Deceit and Idiocity,this my fair people is another example of how predictable our goverment is.

  7. Its AMAZING what the goverment will try to say to get themselves outta trouble,EVEN IF there is irrifutable evidence to show that,THEY LIE!!!
    if ur one of those die hard american ppl who just think”The goverment doesnt hide anything from us,they would tell us the truth,always and forever” quickly Navigate away from this page and go swallow the entire boddle of sleeping pills,THEY HAVE LIED FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!
    every little excuse that the goverment has thrown upon us is what they just collected from the cows fields….We all know area 51 is underground we all know it contains THE MOTHERLOAD in tech goodies and that our goverments are one day gunna piss of an alien who couldve been a potential Ally!

    YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One account of us pissing them off would be back in 2006,
    The Goverment just spotted a potential floating Experiment just off the coast of Cali,They then chased this U.F.O into a mountain range and forced it to weave around mountains Via f-16s,just when theyre Hopes were at their highest,Boom another ship similar to the one the Goverment were chasing down appears out of nowhere and shoots the other craft down,obliterating it,followed by a quick escape,This is a clear warning to all of us,if we cant have the tech no one will. its right there in freakin english.
    This is one of the Endless blogs i will do to prove what most on this site believe,THAT THE GOVERMENT ARE LIARS!!!!!!!

  8. i do beleive that there is other life than us. i mean space is “endless” so there has to be. i have done a lot of reasearch over the past few months and i beleive that the aliens are trying to send us a message of some sort. what that messsage is i am unsure of, but i have a very strong feeling that they are trying to tell us something. look up alien sightings in 2010 and look at how many were spotted in the united states. most of the sightings have been on the west coast, near Nevada. Maybe they want the spacecraft back from 1947. we may never know. i’m only 16 and i have a feeling that by the time my life ends, i would still have no answers

  9. Hi Billy Joe Boy – you raise some good points here (especially since you are only 16!). I was watching a program today on national geographic which looks at the progress scientific instruments have made to ‘receiving’ an alien signal from space. With the advent of much more powerful telescopes, radio receiver arrays and the like, experts believe we are only around 10-30 years away from being able to conclusively detect that elusive ‘signal’ from space! The vastness of our solar system is enormous and to quote a phrase from my favourite film ‘if it’s just us – it’s an awful waste of space’…..!

  10. When the alien spacecraft was shot down by accident thinking it was another invasion, they started to study the technology. They not only discovered all the basics for modern tech stuff but info about the home planet and we have begun to send apologies and prepare for retaliation for our grave mistake.

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  12. Hey. I certainly know these beings exist, I’ve eyewitnessed one account of 3 bright lights spinning in the sky above a mountain in Ireland( where I live ) many people have seen this and they are not hoaxes, in ways I fear alien life. They could be hostile, they could only come here for our resources.. As Steven Hawkins said: Alien life certainly exists, But I warn we should NOT make any contact whatsoever.. We are putting civilisation is imense danger to alien beings

  13. A little known companyresearch group called Proton 21 has found a way to reliably produce superheavy elements such as 115. They start by using a carefully shaped copper target and crushing it into a nuclear fireball with a particle accelerator (wakefield I believe). This creates heavier elements and they can use those for the next blast. The process tends to leave stable isotopes in its wake because the violence of the blast shakes unstable ones to pieces. If someone with good physics knowledge and a good lab would order some of it from them to give it a full range of tests and push it to the limit the case may finally close. Until then Lazar’s case may never be solved.

  14. Isn’t there a decent theist on this board? I certainly believe in alien life; although it is of mixed nature. There are in my opinions only two groups, by nature of general character:
    the “angels” and the “demons”.
    Come on people, this technology you are speaking about probably came from our own government researchers in the first place; if not it likely came from our past history.
    (See Genesis, KJV).
    Lots of luck to all of you, and LOL to your comments.

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