Obama Signs UFO Scientific Integrity Memorandum

March the 9th saw President Obama release a Memorandum on Scientific Integrity to advance “transparency in the preparation, identification, and use of scientific and technological information in policymaking.” This memorandum orders Federal departments to release to the public scientific or technological discoveries or conclusions contemplated or depended on in policy decisions. Debatably of most importance in Obama’s agreement is his recommendation to bestow “appropriate whistle blower protections” “in order to ensure the integrity of scientific and technological information and processes on which the agency relies on in the decision making process or otherwise uses or prepares.” Obama’s Memorandum makes conceivable the release of silenced technological knowledge regarding the UFO phenomenon.

This Scientific Memorandum is the most recent in a sequence of Presidential Memoranda ordering government agencies to be more clear in their operations and decision making. This sequence commenced on his first day in the role of president on January 21st with his memoranda on Open Government and Transparency , and the Freedom of Information Act. His most recent target on Scientific Integrity is purportedly directed at sorting out the way in which the Bush administration skewed or silenced scientific realities for policy purposes. In releasing his Memorandum, Obama is showing that his administration will not obstruct science or suppress technological knowledge for policy reasons.

By giving whistle blower protection to people with facts about scientific morality, Obama is making practicable disclosures of advanced technologies connected to UFOs and related issues. Tenable whistle blowers have moved forward to expose what they understand about the advanced technologies of UFOs. For instance, a former USAF Captain, Robert Salas unveiled that in 1967, a UFO hung over two Important Air Command facilities and disabled at least Seventeen nuclear minuteman rockets. Salas discloses that he and additional USAF servicemen were questioned by an mysterious government agency and instructed to remain silent about what they knew. In 2008, the UK Ministry of Defence unveiled a significant amount of UFO files which contained a 1957 account from a United States Air force pilot, Milton Torres, which it was understood was under orders to intercept and fire 24 missiles upon an UFO purported to be around the size of an aircraft carrier. The UFO rapidly vanished showing flight capabilities far in excess of anything present at the time. For a second time, an mysterious U.S. government agency was participating in questioning the witness (Torres), and ordered him to stay quiet about his experience.

In the event that Salas and Torres statements are faithful, then it looks as if official shoot to kill commands were in place for UFOs that have the technical capability to disable nuclear weapons. There is suggestion that a shoot to kill program persists today using more complex weapons methods. In 1991, a Space Shuttle mission, STS-48, captured video of what looks to be UFO in space undertaking evasive action against a directed energy weapon launched from the Earth. The STS-48 episode is detailed evidence that some U.S. government agencies are implicated in attempts to target UFOs.

Obama UFO Files Release
Obama UFO Files Release

Founded on numerous witness statements, progressive technologies are connected with the UFO phenomenon, which it is believed has been suppressed by one or further U.S. government offices for many years. Obama’s Memorandum on Scientific Integrity ensures it is conceivable that for the first time the general public may learn about suppressed technological intelligence, and the association of various government agencies and organizations. The release of silenced technological data such as antigravity will considerably restore scientific morality and hopefully become a catalyst for universal economic enlargement. The UFO phenomenon is the crucial to rebuilding scientific unity and ultimately the Obama administration will need to promptly address this by means of further Presidential actions.

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