Spirit Rover Lives

Sprit rover lives on to fight another mission as the intrepid Martian visitor is at present confronted with a navigational difficulty, in that its route over a section of Martian soil recognized as the ‘Home Plate’ is impeded by mounds of loose rocks. These groupings of rocks are extremely threatening to the delicate machine, so mission directors have decided to take the long way around than risk damaging the rover. This has lengthed the total time it would otherwise have taken for the robot to get to its prescribed destination however, officials at NASA claim that, at this point, the security of the five year old rover is their uppermost concern, and they are unwilling to take any undue risks.

During 2008, Spirit stood on top of the northern ridge of the Home Plate, a 5 ft tall formation facing the terrain below. The latter, a flat topped sediment constructed of hardened ash, was the perfect position to conduct scientific examinations and assessments of the Plate below, but at the moment Spirit has to move to a further position across the field where it will spend summer and the winter of 2009. Nevertheless, NASA scientists have confirmed that, regardless of the fact that the machine requires to take a meandering route, it will still have to navigate a distance far briefer than its twin, Opportunity.

Spirit rover lives on the brink of failure everyday given the immensely tough terrain it is faced with, it is, however currently trekking in a massive, open space on the opposite side of the plateau, which it travels across at a relatively low rate. Spirit is heading, now, close to some areas of Mars noted as “Von Braun,” a precipitous rise, and “Goddard,” an uneven bowl, some 150 ft in width. The team behind the program maintains that these points will offer a rich region for scientific examinations.

It also concludes that it will offer the ideal position for Spirit to tolerate the 2009 winter, which is extremely feasible to strike the small robot with excessively low temperatures. Until then, the area will additionally supply the rover with adequate amounts of energy to victoriously carry out its nominated duties.

The Spirit rover lives on to navigate another mission thankfully for us all and the furtherance of the understanding and categorisation of the Martian planet.

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