Real Vampire Sightings

Real vampire sightings are not just the work of modern day fiction, a skeleton uncovered from a grave in Venice is being alleged as the first recognized case of ‘vampires’ extensively referred to in present day records.

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Matteo Borrini of the University of Florence in Italy discovered the bones of a woman with a small block in her mouth while digging mass graves of plague fatalities from the Middle Ages on Lazzaretto Nuovo Island in Venice which was removed from a mass grave of victims of the Venetian plague of 1576.

During the time period the woman perished, many individuals conceived that the plague was spread by ‘vampires’ which, rather than consuming human’s blood, spread illness by gnawing on their coverings after death. Grave diggers positioned blocks in the mouths of believed vampires to impede them from gnawing the coverings, Matteo stated.

The urban myth depicts Vampires as possessing a variety of supplemental powers and personality characteristics, radically changeable in different traditions, and is a familiar subject of folklore, movies, and present day fiction. Vampires are believed to be enormously powerful, possessing fangs, and an inability to be exposed to daylight or holy water Whilst they enjoy a long existence and have an incredible healing capability, they are not as legend tells it, thought to be outright immortal.

Additional characteristics of the traditional Vampire is the possession of supernatural physical abilities such as, agility, hearing, increased smelling capacity and of course, omitting no shadow. It is believed that Vampires also have quadrochromatic vision; while we humans have just three kinds of conoids in our eye vampires possessed four, the fourth being regulated to be near-infrared. It is understood that they are able to close themselves down for decades, desiccating down to this biologically inactive condition and entering what is commonly recognized as an ‘undead’ phase whereby they cannot be destroyed other than by decapitation, burning, or puncture of the heart by a wooden implement.

Vampire legend implies that they principally bite the victim’s neck, drawing out the blood commencing with the carotid artery. In mythology and popular tradition, the expression usually relates to a ideology that one can gain supernatural powers by consuming human blood. In addition, Werewolves are occasionally thought to become vampires following death, and vampires are frequently believed to possess the capacity to metamorphose themselves into wolves.

The above is of course the stuff of urban legend and our movie screens and works of fiction however, this latest find in Venice is probably as close as we are going to get in terms of real vampire sightings.

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  1. I AM A VAMPIRE, I WAS TURNED IN OCTOBER 1899, EERILY JUST BEFORE THE TURN OF THE CENTURY. My human memories are blury so I can’t recount too much of my human life and you would not believe how hard it has been for me to adapt to thie new age, and its hard to see what humans are turning earth into, and also its been harder to get a hold of some blood, whereas when I was a baby bat all I would have to do is get me a seasoned maiden, but now all humans are accounted for. Woe is me.

  2. it is kind of hard to believe something that you never seen but im not going to doubt that other creatures exist out there that are hidden

  3. WELLLLL,im not sure i belive in vampires but you never know its a very big world and we might not be the only ones here that can be in a human form.


  5. thats the point were made to belive theres nothing else out there but if you open your mind alittle you will never know what will happen…..p.s check your grammer before posting!!

  6. Jasper,
    You do not speak like your from the 1800’s?

    On another note…

    I think this discovery is really fascinating. I don’t really know if I buy into the whole vampire theme, But it is intresting. Interesting int he fact That the reality that Vampires have been haunting the minds of so many people for so long and the proof of that, Is amazing! Its really neat!


  7. It’s amazing to see this. I would love to be a vampire. if there are any out there willing to turn me, i would be eternaly theres.

  8. im not sure if vampires are real or not but wouldn’t it be well sweet if they were. People claim to have been attacked by vampires but most of the time it’s just a load of bull. And, i think people who say they are vampires are just looking for attention, and if they were vamps they wouldnt be exposing their selfs would they ?.They might just be doing it for a joke but maybe people are not looking for jokers.Maybe there is such things as vampires, a number of people have reported being attacked in the same area’s, but it could be a hoax. I hope that i didn’t offend anyone because that was not at all my intentions. anyway i really don’t think that if there was such thing as a vamp it wouldn’t be like the myths (Big fangs, blood drinkers, etc) they might be walking amoungst us, and we just dont know it, or they couldn’t be real and it truly is just myths. But who knows, maybe some day we could find out but i don’t think we would for a vry long time.

  9. I’m pretty optimistic when it comes to the undead, although no a big fan of mythical creatures like zombies or ghosts i do like the idea of there being vampires living amongst us. As for that douche saying that there would be a signifigant number of sightings and reports if they were real… well there has been! Many people such as police and the government are always trying to keep supernatural sightings hush hush, and also trying to make them seem like medical explanations. For example over the last week in Russia alone there has been 200 reports of attacks or eyewitnesses to attacks of pale, strong creatures believed to be vampires. Over 10 people have died due to neck wounds and others are injured. Go check and see for yourself! If you do believe in Vampires then it does good to look into it, after half an hour of searching i found over 150 reports, true or not you decide! But keep an eye open…

  10. PLEASE TURN ME IF THERE ARE REAL VAMPIRES. just to give you a reason to turn me my parents are divorsed,i hate my step mom, i have no friends,and i feel alone all the time. i hate my life.

  11. I know that ghosts are not mythical. I have seen too many to call them such a demeaning title. Although, No Vampires have ever shown themselves to me. Yet I still believe they are out there. Many of them will avoid confrontation. And get online just to divert people from believing.

    All Im looking for is one to talk to. Not a fake wanna be joker acting like a vampire cause they have something missing from life. A real actual Vampire.

    I dare them to tap the thin line between them and our world.

  12. That sure is hard to believe
    am just 15 years old but all thia interest me.
    it not funny. but honestly if vampires<3 were really real i would
    to be turned.
    by all means i would be there.

  13. i am one of the vampires thou changed in 1872 on my birthday at age 10. i was turned on the way with my old friend after chores. we was getting water from the well. my brown eyes turned red. as for my old friend she changed but we never speakk i neveer see her. i was in was washington now me my brother and my dad rest in ga. email me for more info and answeers

  14. Okay I live in Australia and just mooved to gympie an yes it is cold and boring here . I was reserching things for my own sake late last nite and found some
    realy kewl shit!!!!! But what I belive mostly is that look at the people that go missing for years and the police and inspectors never fine DNA or ANYTHiNG that can lead them to some one or somewhere!? It is possible that they are real and that they stay away from us becuse we are human and we want them to be real ( well some of us) so much that they only take and feed off back packers and littel kids takeing the bus!! I’m not smart but u do have a brain and I know for a fact that is alians are real and a ghost can fucken sit at the end of my bed every nite then of course they are real!!!!!!

  15. Hope, to be honest you are full of shit. Same with you Jasper. I used to pretend to be a vampire but I outgrew it. Even though I was fake, I still believe that vampires exist. They might not be pale, or die in the sun, but they exist. There is too much evidence to think they are just myths.

  16. Ex-vampire. I do believe they exist. And the kinds that exist in mythology are not the hotty Edwards that the teens dream about. They are viscous, and do not have a need for mortal emotions. These kids today are
    full of themselves. Its just the fad today. All over the movies.Books, Games.
    You know it. Its like WOW. Crack. You get me. It feeds the self esteem easier then learning to make yourself happy just by being who you are.
    Now medical Vampires do exist. And trust me. No body wants to be one of those.
    Even those who are Medical Vampires. Its a harsh life to live. And the title does not make them the Bela Lugosi of your dreams either. They suffer with illnesses none of these kids today would want to have.
    Just like when I was a kid everyone wanted to be superman or
    He-man. Lots of times kids acting on impulse is the reason. They
    have no idea what they want to do with life or even what life is. And some
    have problematic lives. Which adds to the attention seeking.
    So they pretend to be something they either admire or obsess over.
    My site is for the search in mythology and real accounts of sightings.
    I certainly do not think myself a vampire even though I study them.
    My self esteem is centered.

  17. Vampires…they do exist, and some claim to be such. But i am would love to meet one, i have an old grudge to get revenge on. I hear vampire gossips spread, so if a vampire is reading this, tell him i am coming after him. This time mercy is not oh his side.

  18. to whom it may consern if you are a vampire can you pay me a lil visit i have not had a goof life as it is i have had my parents die while i was young i have bein in and out of homes my hole life i just want to be able to be who i want wen i want i want to make myself feel complet and i know that i will feel complet once the change has bein made

  19. So, some of you guys want to be turned… Interesting. I think most humans are manipulated by what the film producers make out of them in the movies. Sad I?d say. But yes, very intriguing indeed to believe what gotten fed into our minds for such a long time; especially the part that happens in the realm of our unconscious mind? Hard to let go of this perfect image, but a must to see what?s really there. What draws people to Vampires? Certainly not the reality of it all!!! Is it immortality? I have reason to doubt that immortality is all fun and mysterious?
    I furthermore have reason to doubt that everything is looking so pretty once on the other side. Drop that perfect picture and awake to the reality of a time ere the art of movie production ate its way into your blinded corruptible minds
    Forever is a very long, long time

  20. vampiers are reall i am one i was turnd october 21,1890
    we are reall and not all of us are bad there are good vampiers out there

  21. can someone tell me some real things about vampires i am makeing a book and all kinds of books got so many fake things in them that is no funny so if u can help thinks

  22. Loooolz I am not a vampire nt a Witch but a Human look a like well since 1991 anyway… but i have got everything 257 careers so far n i could be anything …. anything! i love who ever said derz soo many things not yet known ….!

  23. i myself believe in vampires, even though i haven’t seen one myself, there is lots of proof out there all over the world. but our human brains chose not to believe these things, when were are kids we believe in everything, but as we grow society, parents, government, teachers, everyone will tell you it is foolish and crazy to believe in such a thing, but just because they are real doesn’t mean they are going to come running to every teenage girl that thinks her life sucks and the only “person” that could ever truly understand her is a cute vampire boy. i may not know nothing at all about vampires, but i do know that they do not want or need us humans to know about them. i believe in lots of things, when my sister and i were teenagers, we were walking up the street really late one night it was snowing slowly and everything looked beautiful, she saw something running down the hill and couldn’t make it out, the time that it took us to squint our eyes and figure out what it was, was only a few seconds and it was halfway to us, it was huge, almost looked like a big dog/bear or something, it was at lease 9 feet tall on all fours and ran with rapid speed, it was covered in dark brown fur and the head was massive, we ran so fast to get home, i remember my whole body was shaking in fear, we kept looking back to see if it was chasing us but we couldn’t see it anymore, it was the scariest and most amazing moment of my life and i will never forget it, we never told anyone because people will never believe that we thing we saw a war-wolf or a shape shifter, we still talk about it every time we see each other, neither one of want to lose that memory no matter how scary it was. my point ism our world is full of mysteries and we may never figure them out.

  24. The story is on NAtional with that im sure its real. Plus the vampire is not truely real like doesnt burn in sunlight or have speed and shit like that. Its just someone who drank blood for a living. There are people i the word that do drink blood because of a medical issue. I think yall have to do some research dumbass!

  25. BTW you can only be turned if you drink the blood of a vampire. It will take about 1 month. You will get enhanced senses and speed and strength, and you will have a craving of blood, but you can eat food, and still die. Its not at all what its like in the movies. I am one trust me. Going through the transformation your eyes will be sensitive to the sun for a couple of days, but you get over it. Also you will get migraines, and aches and pains. Also you dont bite peoples necks to kill them, you simply just need a donor who is willing to cut themselves to give you your energy. Yeah you aint gonna go around killing people, cops can still get u.

  26. Listen people… don’t disbelieve anything just because you haven’t seen it, so just stay open (generally speaking) – and one more thing..
    Do you really think that the Humans masses would even know about Real Vampires, I’m pretty sure that they would be EXTRA careful to keep their identities hidden..
    and if your ever lucky enough to bump into one and KNOW about their deep hidden secret, then you should consider yourself blessed!
    This rule applies to all non-human creatures/humanoids..
    And not to forget to mention, Vampires are not fools, they wouldn’t surf the Internet learning about their own species (when they have their own reliable source of information, like family).. Internet is unreliable, and they specially wouldn’t go around telling everyone about their existence, even on Internet.. no matter how much people believe or disbelieve.
    Bless you, and please don’t bathe in pools of Ignorance! keep your minds open to the unknown, and truth will come to you.. one way or another 🙂

  27. Why? Why I ask of you, why would you want to condem your eternity to another which is that of hell? The age of adolescence has been fed more and more deceitful lies throughout history. Tales that tell of immortality and promise of unfathomable power have been forced down your already suffocating tracheae, and for that I apologise. The so-called ‘elite’ generation has doomed you poor children with false knowledge. I can only hope that you can decipher reality from delusional fantasies.

  28. I don’t know if vampires exist or not, but i do believe theres a small chance thet they do exist. There so many storys of sightings, but u really dont know if there true or not. I mean people make videos swearing it’s a vampire in the footage, but they want attention. So many people say” oh man, it would be soooo cool if vampires existed, i would so want to be one”. Honestly if vampires existed i would so not want to be one. All the TV shows and movies show the tough parts of being immortal. Ex. not being able to go in the sun, the bloodlust, trying to act normal, and imagine having fangs in your mouth and your mouth at someone’s neck, drinking their blood. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! That would be so gross. Sure, living 4ever would be pretty cool, but having to kill people just to live would take me out of it. Theres nothing good about being vampires and who knows, maybe there are no good vampires. Maybe all vampires do is want to kill and kill and kill all over again. to really believe vampires exist is i would have to see it to believe it, and i’m pretty sure that everyone else in Kingwood, wv dont belive it too. SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!!!

  29. holy crap most of these people can’t even type properly. the ones here who posted they want to get bitten or whatever think about what you are saying, you basically are commiting suicide. and as for the younger ones (this oming from a 16 year old) you shouldn’t want to die because you haven’t even expirienced life yet, don’t do things that you will regret. especially if it concerns your life.

  30. If you have proof, suprise me and let me bask in your knowledge and path or abiss. I only know of one type of vampire and they do not have (real)fangs. The idea of it all tickles me pink, fake teeth and people who play dress up and wish so hard to live another life… it’s like playing with dolls but at a much older age yet more sad and interesting. If you care to tell your side, your story to someone… I’m sure some may not pass this site- I found it by mistake. If you care to, I will listen and would love to learn something new, but don’t toy with me and spit out twisted lies- Karma has a fatal wrath if played with to long in the right hands. 🙂

  31. hi to every one who r humans ,vampires nd pretending to b vampirs
    r u people out of your mind u want to b a vampirs
    tell me one gud reson for this transformation……….being immoratl ,alone,just sucking blood
    life will b hell

  32. well, if the term vampire is what you humans wish to use im afraid a real vampire would not waste his or her time writing in this forum. they dont care what you think or how you feel or the life you live. being a vampire is a lonely life and most of them end up killing themselves in the under the pressure as the world around us becomes something more and more. i find it rather hilarious what u humans think. and to the one up top as life as a vampire is a “living hell” well my friend hell doesnt exist. it just you and me my friend. you and me.

  33. I belive in all myths. All myths are stories and all came from somewhere. Just like the game u played as a kid where u had a group of kids and whisper something and they pass it along things get mixed up and It ebds up being something different. I am 24 and I truly belive in vampires I know in my heart they are real. All u people on here are calling people frauds that say they are vampires how do u know if they are real or not?? They might be real. All the vampire movies make us think they stay hidden and won’t reveal themselves but they know that and they can come out and people will 99% of the time think they are some wack job. I have always belived in vampires all my life and have always wanted to be one. I have always had a thirst for blood and the Dr just says its and iron problem or some bull Crap but I know Its something different. I am into the bdsm community and am very into blood fetish. the Exchange of blood with someone else is an exhilarating experience u can feel them inside of u and Its amazing. I do belive that movies and books do have the sex part right I think vampires are sex the way it feels to take blood f4om another being is very sexual and I want to be apart of It I want a real vamp to find me

  34. Its cute how most of who claim to be such creatures. How about learning the basics. Like grammar for instance.

  35. Lmao! You didn’t do to well on that either La Reina. But I get what you’re saying. Most of you kiddies need to wake up. Dream of a better life. And for the love of demons! Learn to spell and get proper word usage!

  36. hello…if anyone on here wants to talk seriously about..”this”, email me sometime. ill let you in on some secrets…maybe..

  37. I think if someone wants to believe they’re a vampire, why stop them? It’s probably only a phase, and is quite funny really. It’s like a woman wanting to be a man, or visa versa. They know deep down they are not the living dead, just humour them.
    I would like to believe vampires exist, however I would not wish to become one.
    Those who do wish for it, please think very hard about your decision! You’ll live forever, have to take the lives of others, or they will have to cause themselves harm, for your existance to carry on. Eternity, as said before, is a very long long time.

  38. i think that all of you are stupid who want to be turned into vampires. vampires are stupid, shelfish and kill those who get in there way. i personally have a thing against them because one killed both my mom and dad, trust me, i witnissed it. i’m from a group of vampire hunters which i cannot tell you the name of or where we are. but if you got something to settle with vampires just come looking for us, you’ll find us.

  39. we are hunters
    we are looking,finding,and exterminating
    the blood suckers.
    we are always searching,we will find,and exterminate

  40. I’m not a vampire, I’m not even sure if I’m a believier, but, if anyone can provide information to change my mind, it would be much appreciated. Please, don’t offer information if you’re someone who simply believes you’re a vampire. Thats honestly quite ridiculous raising someone’s hopes up, only for to crush tem when you drop the charade. But again, please, if you have any information, I’d be much appreciated. Contact info:

  41. All you people if vampires do exist, im not saying they dont they sure as hell wouldnt be looking for people on here so people on here looking for real vampires i know they wouldnt expose themselves at all i hate to say you wont find nothing on this site, i been been searching for them and im still looking i drive from state to state and i believe i will find somthing

  42. What happened to talking about folk lore that has been around for centuries? That is what makes the myth’s and legends interesting is the history behind it. There is so many types of folk lore about mythical creatures and entities. So start talking about something interesting and stop talking about whom is and whom wants to be a vampire.

  43. ya….hi every won???i do bilive that…exactly vampires are live in our world.actually u dont bilived that i’m Vampire.any reason full of my life….so sorry that at the momment i dont shere it….bye

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