UFO Lake South America Alien Form Sighted

UFO action in and around lakes in South America appears to have reached new altitudes lately with descriptions of UFO sightings becoming practically an everyday event. Many believers are certain that a classified UFO operation subsists somewhere in the area, potentially concealed by nearby lakes. For some time a correlation between UFO sightings and water, particularly around large lakes and reservoirs in the South American regions has been surfacing with opinion divided regarding the observations around Lakes.

Also in the region an amateur video clip that some have claimed contains a film of an actual Extraterrestrial is creating headline news and giving rise to a talking point among UFO and alien observers in Peru. The clip was taken in the Santa Rosa de Quives area of the Canta district. The region is thought to be holy to Peruvian Catholics and a locality where individuals arrive to pray for miracles. On August the 30th each year a pilgrimage is undertaken by locals and individuals from far and wide, and it is credited the video was filmed at this time last . However, the footage has only been released this month.

The organism pictured in the video is being referred to locally by the media outlets as the ‘Quives Man’. A team of ufologists in Peru have undertaken an examination of the video and assert it comprises a genuine alien life form. The Peruvian government and scientists are analysing the video as well as other interested parties. Fortunately the video is available in the public domain and can be viewed below. The figure does indeed appear to have a strange form being very thin and quite small in size although to claim (as the South American media can done) this is a genuine alien form is somewhat a leap of faith upon the evidence of this video. What is evident however is that UFO sightings around lakes in South America appear to be on the increase.

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