How Many Days Does it Take Mercury To Orbit The Sun?

Many of our readers have asked the question “how many days does it take mercury to orbit the sun?” which led us to do some research on this largely unfamiliar planet.

The Planet Mercury is the second smallest planet in our solar system and is frequently mentioned as the most difficult of the five bright planets to view. It is the nearest planet to the Sun within the solar system similar to Venus, and appears to go through phases similar to the Moon.

In past times the name Mercury was used for the planet when in the night sky, but was also known as Apollo when it appeared in the morning. However, it was originally named Mercury by the Romans in tribute to thier infamous god, Mercury.

The atmosphere is extremely thin and is founded of helium and sodium and is not readily observed from Earth due to its small angular separation from the sun and additionally manoeuvres around the sun quicker than any other planet. Interestingly, Mercury travels about 48 km (30 miles) per second, and it takes 88 days to orbit the sun. It has in the past been proposed as one potential target for space colonisation of the inner solar system, along with Mars, Venus, the Moon and asteroid belt, although with surface temperatures varying more than those of any other major body in the solar system, with a maximum range of about 650°C (hot enough to melt tin) between the hottest and coldest extremes, colonization seems unlikely to be suitable for humans.

The gravity on the surface is 2/5 th of the Earth’s, and it is roughly 40% the size of the planet Earth. Another interesting point is how long it takes Mercury to rotate on its axis which is 59 days (unlike Earths rotation of around 24 hours), meaning that it’s entire surface experiences significant periods of extreme hot and cold.

Astrologers have always experienced difficulties studying Mercury due to the fact it is always so close to the sun meaning only half of the Planets surface has been mapped to date.

In summary therefore the answer to the question “how many days does it take mercury to orbit the sun?” is 88 days!

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