What Causes Premonitions Premonition Visions Explored

What causes Premonitions? Premonition visions are attributed to the residence of supernatural or paranormal capabilities and are thought to be just another fragment of the psychic abilities that everybody has, but not everybody may be in tune to applying. Premonitions are often reported as an profound feeling of apprehension or fear, are misunderstood, and are decided upon their effects rather than the practice, and consequently more often than not, are perceived as fortune telling. In spite of the fact that these premonitions are not ordinarily in radiant clarity, they are often emotionally commanding enough for us to act upon them.

The most common method to receive premonition visions is by way of your dreams. Our dreams provides us with awareness and understanding in spite of the fact our conscious mind does not. These sometimes uncomforatble experiences are frequent vehicles of premonitions, either direct or symbolic, as well as in real dreams. In addition, it is conceivable that feelings, whether they remain imprecise forebodings or are implanted in dreams, must at times be subconscious inferences taken from an actual, if not hidden, awareness of existing, known details.

Premonitions taking place in a waking state are more dominant that those that happen in dreams since in the latter they are frequently concealed as symbols, and tend to go unobserved. Advance feelings can give prompt intuitive alerts that take place frequently but are too delicate to impact on the conscious memory. The characteristics can be as subtle as a nagging feeling or can be so overpowering that they shock you out of your day to day routine and stop you from thinking of anything else. They may come about the very next day the vision happened, and some may not occur for years later. Premonition visions may range from uncertain feelings of anxiety, suggestive of a forthcoming tragedy, to real hallucinations, optical or auditory sensations. They can be distinguished from precognition, given premonitions are more senses based, being affected by symptoms of psychical uneasiness, despondency, or anxiety that has no rational explanation, while precognitions are more founded upon knowledge of the future. The true operation of premonitions is not precisely known, that is, why some persons acquire them while other people do not.

Psychic Theorists conceive Precognition has the prerogative to release powerful psychokinetic energies, which in turn can materialise into future events, with all the occurrences happening the way they were visualized. Some people appear to be more receptive to these sorts of feelings and are called ‘sensitive’s’ or ‘psychics’. Precognitive understanding can be obtained by psychics utilising trance, channeling, prophecy and mediumship. This may be because the person undergoing precognition will go into a state of shock, or indeed because they are not used to the new apparent psychic power they hold.

With the progression of the scientific age individuals have begun to rely less on their perceptions and it is only in recent years that science is exploring the significance of human intuition and sensation to fully understand what causes premonitions.

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  1. I had a premonition in a dream that my son was killed in a car accident. I remember seeing sitting in a vehicle with his head bent over and I knew he was dead. I couldn’t tell what kind of vehicle or anything else. Approximately four weeks later, my beautiful son, Jaison Alan Ayers, was killed when the jeep he was driving flipped over and he was partially ejected. I had his car in the shop at the time, but he drove his friend’s vehicle.

  2. I’ve had visions/premonitions all of my life and as much as I don’t like to admit it, every one of them have come true. Stemming from my first which was a dream of my aunt & already deceased grandfather since I was 5 to tell me that she was going to die. That very next afternoon my mother called me from the hospital to tell me she passed away. Since then, all of my premonitions have come true. Doesn’t matter if it was the smallest situation of knowing I was about to get a call from a specific person and look at my phone and viola; to waking up in the middle of the night knowing my phone was going to go off, look at it a again viola; to knowing on a certain day something was going to happen and viola it happens. Sometimes it can be a blessing and a curse to have these because when it’s negative things that come to mind in such a vivid form, it makes hate thinking because I know it will happen. Though these things happen, some of these visions come true after a few days, months, year/s and play out in the exact order as visioned. Right now I’m going through something I knew was going to happen and as bad as it is, there’s more that I see happening regarding this situation. The only thing I don’t like about premonitions is sometimes you have to wait so long for these things to happen and when they do, you will always have this feeling of “wow” deja vu.

    Debra, I’m so sorry about your son and though I don’t know what it feels like to lose a parent nor a child, all I can do is imagine the pain you’re going through and offer you my sympathy and the best for you and your family.

  3. I had dreams for years-i was able to tell which one will come true, i haven’t had them now for 5-10 years. Premonitions i experienced were not allways negative, mine were mostly positive. I didn’t mind having them, i would love to have them back.
    Sorry Debra about your son. My 17 yrs old left home in 2004, have not heard from him since then. It seems part of my soul is missing and it hurts a lot. Anyone here who can help me??

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