Yeti Sasquatch Multiple Sightings Sibera Anthropologists Descend On Area

The search for the mythical Yeti, or Sasquatch is to be embarked upon in Siberia following more than 10 sightings of unknown beasts near a mountain cavern.

The creatures are described as more than 6ft high, with red and black hair, leaving huge and peculiar footmarks that also contain toe indentations.

“There have been accounts for years about these beasts, but now the quantity has increased dramatically,” said Galina Pustogacheva, spokesperson for Tashtagol, a small mining town 2,430 mile east of Moscow. The beasts, whom have been sighted walking upright on two legs, have additionally been observed by villagers in Elbeza and Kabarza and also by travellers at the Azass cavity on Mount Shoriya.

One terrified observer said: “He is covered in hair all over the body.”

Area officials are to begin a investigation with trappers and anthropologists in the approaching weeks.

A village resident commented that; “People are scared, they (Yeti/Sasquatch) may strike rural towns on account of hunger

We will await the results of the investigation into these mysterious sightings, perhaps the elusive Yeti has been discovered at last…..

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