Atlantis Pictures Lost City Found By Google Ocean?

Altantis Lost City Sketch
Altantis Lost City Sketch

The tale of lost city of Atlantis stretches back over several centuries and its location to this day has remained a mystery. However, the Google Ocean project has appeared to show a detailed ‘village’ submerged under the seas just off the coast of north west Africa,  near the Canary Islands on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

These awe-inspiring photos show the scale and defined area of the alleged lost city which it is believed is around the size of Wales in the UK. Considering the near perfect rectangle shape it is probable the structure is of man made origins but is it the Atlantis lost city or not?

Atlantis specialists said that the unexplained rectangle is sited at one of the potential sites of the mythical island, which was characterized by the ancient Greek theorist Plato. According to his description, the city fell below the ocean after its inhabitants made a failed attempt to defeat Athens around 9000 BC.

Underway this month, Google Ocean allows users to dive around undersea volcanoes, observe videos about unusual marine life, read about neighbouring shipwrecks, donate photos and observe unseen film of remarkable ocean journeys.

The legend of Atlantis has stimulated the public imagination for centuries.

Atlanits Google Ocean Picture
Atlanits Google Ocean Picture

In recent years verification of sorts around the lost kingdom has been discovered off the coastline of Cyprus and in southern Spain.

Plato depicted it as an island “bigger than Libya and Asia combined” outside the Pillars of Hercules, the Straits of Gibraltar. Plato also said that Atlantis was a nation of spectacular wealth, progressive civilization and instinctive beauty ruined by earthquakes and floods 9,000 years previously.

Our pictures have been enhanced to show the boundaries of the city walls using a sophisticated graphics platform. No alterations to the image itself has been made merely powerful effects to bring out the defined areas of the picture.

UPDATE – 21st February 2009

Google have today issued a statement around these images in view of the public interest in the lost city of Atlantis with a view to clarifying exactly what it is we are seeing here. Google said that;

“It’s true that many awe-inspiring revelations have been made in Google Earth a immaculate woodland in Mozambique that is residence to previously unfamiliar species, a fringing precious coral reef off the coastline of Australia, and the remains of an Ancient Roman villa,”. “On this occasion, though, what users are seeing is an artifact of the information collection procedure”. “Bathymetric (or sea floor terrain) data is frequently collected from vessels employing sonar to calculate measurements of the sea floor. The lines depicted in this photograph reflect the passage of the vessel as it collects the data,”

The ever evasive lost city of Atlantis persists to escape discovery once more it would appear, although it is worth considering that there are other alternative sites which we believe are currently under investigation as we speak. Fortune hunters of the most sophisticated nature are aware of the legend of Atlantis and given the incalculable wealth that allegedly is submerged in and around the city the search will continue for many years to come….

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