Indian UFO Sighting Group Lights Sighted Over Skies of India

This outstanding footage taken on the 18th of February from somewhere within the Indian boundaries showing a collection of UFO’s in the sky. The film starts with around 3 bright lights separated by only a few feet and then appearing to multiply into several bright objects.

Using the tree line as a reference point these UFO’s appear to be of a substantial size and taking into account the constant elevation appear to behave in an unusual fashion. Certainly, from the video footage, the objects do not appear to be any conventional aircraft or indeed the often mistaken for UFO object, the Chinese Lantern.

India along with several other nations in the world has come under somewhat of a UFO spotlight of late owing to the increase in sightings in 2009. The UK has also experienced a considerable increase which followers have been unable to provide a cohesive explanation for. If these sightings continue unabated we certainly will have some excellent footage in the coming weeks and months to optimistically supply us with some degree of transient proof that we are indeed being visited from alien crafts of unknown origin….

What do you think these objects are?

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