UFO Sighted Buenos Aires Argentina Cascallares Dam Video

Amazed travellers halted their cars to observe one of best defined sightings of a low flying Unidentified flying object approaching Buenos Aires in Argentina. The occurrence happened at 8:41 PM on Jan 24 2009 adjacent to the extremely contaminated Cascallares Dam. Bewildered onlookers raced to their motor vehicles for mobile phones and cameras to capture this amazing UFO on film. Observers watched as the object navigated over and around a nearly tree line which provides us with some form of scale of the object.

Onlooker, Mr Christian Soldano, was fortunate to have a high calibre video camera with infra red scope capablilities with him and could capture the bizarre event in excellent detail. This staggering video can be viewed below.

Sceptics have so far discounted the video as being an occurance of ball lightning and urging that what was shot was not a UFO. Ufologists from South American have commented that no other video footage to date has been captured of ball lighting showing an object with related traits.

Many have noticed that this is simply one in a succession of UFO sightings involving reservoirs and dams in Argentina, additionally reinforcing the assumption that visiting aliens are utilizing these reservoirs to land and hide their UFOs and perhaps construct bases here on earth.

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