Fringe Science Teleportation ESP Mind Control Robotics

Fringe science is all based on unfounded concepts that have not been scientifically verified such as methods including teleportation, brain control, telekinesis,  mind control, ESP, cloning, robotics and remote viewing to name but a few. This sometimes misunderstood science is orienting toward ideas that are generally powerless of being agreed upon by the mainstream usually because the world opinion of the inventor is unique and universally works with unobserved and unfamiliar energies and activities.

Fringe science is conducted with the purpose of becoming conventional science, and it could certainly not accomplish that if the equivalent methods used by mainstream science were not used to endorse it. To the uninitiated, fringe science is scientific research that differs importantly from mainstream assumptions.

The murky world that is fringe science is immensely unpopular with mainstream scientists and even more so between funding agencies, who favour analysis that approves or extends a mainstream opinion. It is occasionally revealed to be accurate, but only after stringent examination and substantiation. Even though there are patterns of mainstream scientists defending rebel ideas within their own discipline of competence, many fringe science ideas are progressed by people either without a conventional academic science credentials, or by scientists outside the mainstream of their own disciplines. They appear to struggle with presenting their ideas or concepts mainly due to conventional science being based on agreement and accepted knowledge, the art of the soluble, this experimental unorthodox approach certainly seems to bring the scientific community out from behind their lab coats screaming ‘validation’, ‘analysis’ ‘acceptance’.

Those who possess the courage to explore the fringe sciences nowadays with an open mind will unearth that the very purpose of fringe science is in transition right now.

What does ‘Joe Public’ think about Fringe Sciences? Well, a recent survey has revealed that 88 per cent of persons in the United Kingdom were not aware that their Government had fringe science programs and 77 per cent thought it was a misuse of public funding. Over in the US the government has applied a sizeable piece of the public resources pursuing the Fringe Science concept that fighter pilots can communicate with their military planes and indeed their controllers on the ground using only their thoughts. Experts imply the technology to create such a high tech appliance is around 15-20 years away yet significantly they feel it is achievable. This demonstrates the association between mainstream science and the Fringe elements which for the collective resolve (in this case warfare) can work together. Does make you sit up and contemplate what better more worthwhile uses this technology could be used for though doesn’t it…

2 thoughts on “Fringe Science Teleportation ESP Mind Control Robotics”

  1. I am not quiet sure what you mean by robotics being considered a Fringe science???

    The principles of robotics do not depart from mainstream or orthodox theories, so how in what way can robotics be considered a fringe science?

  2. Thanks for your comment – this is exactly why I wrote this article to stimulate debate about Fringe Sciences’ and what people consider will fit this unorthodox profile. For instance, in 2007 a contract bestowed by the Pentagon to a partnership of universities and hi-tech firms called for the creation of an adaptable robot capable of performing life saving operations on injured servicemen actually on the battlefield, not really mainstream science, I would suggest. Would we consider Nanotechnology to be a form of Robotics? I would certainly suggest it is and again there are many areas of this science which depart from the mainstream.

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