UFO Sighting Over Greek Air Space F-16s Sent to Intercept

A suppressed UFO sighting and military intercept over Greek airspace has recently been exposed. The sighting took place 11th November 2007 close to 3.10am, when the pilot of Olympic Airways 266 navigating from Athens and destined to arrive in London, was alarmed to identify a star like object out of his cockpit window. The pilot noted the object was clearer, brighter and larger than a star but most notably displayed a constantly evolving form. The sighting was recorded on the .

The sighting was not limited to this flight only however given the captain of Olympic Airways flight 730 to Kos and the captain of Olympic Airways flight 700 to Rhodes also observed the same object simultaneously. The ground based radar at Athens Air traffic Control also picked up the UFO and at this point officials from the Greek aviation authorities alerted the Greek air force.

The Greek Air Force further confirmed they too were tracking the object from their radar station at Parintha Mountain range just outside of Athens and confirmed the craft was travelling at immense speeds and was not identified as any Greek military craft. Following the sightings by both commercial airliners the Greek Military scrambled two F-16 fighter jets to intercept the UFO, radar operators from the Parintha mountain range then observed the craft accelerate at great speed off their radar. The pursuing F-16’s did not engage or make any visual contact with the UFO.

This sighting has remained classified for over a year and has recently been leaked to the Greek media outlets whom have publicised the story based upon the aforementioned leaked documents and witness testimony. Greek Government officials have commented that this was a mistaken sighting of the planet Venus….

We understand there are some official Greek Aviation reports in circulation along with a cockpit voice recording of flight 266 from Athens to London. Once we have authenticated these documents we shall be in a position to post further information into this intriguing incident.

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