New Sightings of Orange UFO Lights Over UK

The UK has been dominated by strange orange UFO lights across our skies for sometime now and following some dramatic video captured by a Sussex Police helicopter in June 2008 further witness sightings of these amazing UFO lights continue to surface.

Most recently, on the 11th January 2009 a witness from Horsham, West Sussex stated “We were just getting out of the car when we noticed an orange flickering orb moving at quite a speed above us”.

“There was no sound and no other lights so it was definitely not a helicopter or plane. It looked like it was at same height as the commercial airlines are before they come into land at Gatwick Airport and it just disappeared into the distance.”

A further similar sighting again in the West Sussex area of the UK in December 08 stated that ” I looked up in the sky to the east and saw a glowing orange/reddish oval shaped light which separated into two halves with one falling to earth whilst the other remained in the sky”.

“After observing the UFO for approximately 2 minutes I took my phone to take a picture then went to view it only to see nothing came out on it, looked up again but the light had completely disappeared”.

Some interesting observations from eye witnesses around this now common UFO sighting. UFO De bunkers have suggested that these strange lights are Chinese Lanterns which in some cases would explain the witnesses testimony however, looking at the footage shot by the Police Helicopter we cannot subscribe to this given the speed and maneuverability of the object filmed.

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2 thoughts on “New Sightings of Orange UFO Lights Over UK”

  1. hi there, i was travelling along the A65 at ilkley last night at midnight (1/8/2009)and we stopped the car to look at 2 orange lights travelling slowly thru the sky, another 2 then came over the moorside. they all travelled fairly slowly and we watched them for about 10 mins until they disappeared over the horizon. Very strange and we could not explain it! i hope these are explained soon.

  2. In 1982 In the UK I had two orange lights keep pace with my car for some time. They were silent and round they were only a few hundred feet up. It. Was about 2:00 am. It scared me to death. I always wondered if other such sightings were reported.

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