‘Lee wave’ UFO Sighting Over Welsh Coast | Pictures

Lee Wave UFO
Lee Wave UFO

Onlookers at a picturesque golf club on the welsh borders were sure they witnessed an alien sighting this week. Witnesses stated that the UFO appeared to hover over the skies above the landscape for nearly an hour.

Fortunately, a local resident whom was working at the golf club had her camera handy and took this snap of the UFO sighting.

However, this amazing UFO picture tells us another story. Met Office forecaster Bob Syvret said the unusual formation is a “lee wave”, which can be popular with gliders because they can help them to gain altitude or fly long distances.

“Lee waves are formed near mountain ranges, when the wind and atmosphere is right and it is usually sunny. The Dyfi Estuary would be a perfect location for one, although it is likely it would have actually been formed in Ireland.”.

Certainly must have been a unique experience for those present to witness this natural anomaly however, it just shows you how easy it is to misinterpret UFOs in the sky for something else entirely…

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