UFO Sighted Over The UK Governments Houses Of Parliament

As we reported earlier today recent released top secret MoD documents are providing us with some interesting insights into reported sightings of UFO crafts over the skies of the UK. This particular sighting of an UFO over the Governments home of the Houses of Parliament on the 12th of February 2008, stuck out as having all the hallmarks of a classic UFO encounter.

The declassified reported sighting reads;

“There was a craft that had green, red and white lights. It was still and static in the sky. It was seen for about an hour and a half.”

Given this part of central London is one of the most famous places in earth I find it difficult to understand why no photographic or indeed video evidence is available. Further, given this reported sighting has only been made public following the release of papers under the freedom of information act I also cannot understand why any media agencies did not hear of this unknown object in the skies previously. Also worth considering is that the airspace above the government buildings is severely restricted for obvious reasons and a sighting which lasted for over an hour, in a sensitive location, which must have been viewed by many members of the public, was not released or picked up by any media outlets has me stumped.

The rule of thumb of course is that 98% of all UFO sightings are explainable and I would suggest this case will probably fall into that category, however it is encouraging that individual members of the public are now at last prepared to disclose their sightings to authorised sources without fear of prejudice or ridicule.

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