Conisholme UFO Crash Site Update – Donut UFO Photo Captured

Donut UFO Sighting
Donut UFO Sighting

Reports coming out of Suffolk’s Louth Leader today have indicated a sighting of a Donut shaped UFO craft just days before the Conisholme wind turbine crash.

Brian Lee, 55, from neighboring Saltfleet was driving along Billings Gate road in South Somercotes at 4.30pm on December 9. He stopped his car to take some pictures of a dramatic sunset on his mobile phone which he duly captured. Following analysis of the pictures upon his return home, the discovery of the unusual shaped object in the sky backdropped by the dramatic sunset he intended to capture.

He commented to the Louth Leader: “I looked at my phone and just saw this donut-shaped thing in the sky; I didn’t know what to think it was.”

We have enhanced the image in only brightness and contrast to better see the donut shaped craft but as you can see the image is quite striking in nature and appears to be fairly significant in size using the car windshield as reference.

Pictures courtesy of the Louth LeaderMr Lee, further commented: “I’ve sat on this photo for a while because I just didn’t know what to think about it”.

Meanwhile, the wind turbine farm owners Ecotricity have today commented that it was “narrowing down the options” and was closer to an understanding, but added: “we’re not there yet”.

Ecotricity has suggested a number of possible causes for the damage, including a possible collision. But it also said that lightning or some kind of material, design or maintenance failure was a more likely cause.

Dale Vince, Ecotricity managing director, said today that there was still “no evidence” of a collision, and that if something had collided with the turbine there should be some debris on the ground and an exchange of materials between the two objects involved in the collision. Once the bent blade is removed, more light could be shed on the matter, but added: “It is more than likely, as many have suggested, that the fallen blade hit and broke the second blade on the way down.”

It therefore seems that the analysis of the remaining bent turbine blade will be telling in the investigation. Given an impact of some kind has occurred it would be logical to assume that evidence of the impact material would be present on the blade itself.

We understand that the company has now started work to rebuild the damaged turbine, with all three blades and the central hub on the Enercon turbine being completely replaced. Heavy lifting equipment is currently located at the Fen Farm site ready to instigate the repairs. The forensic investigation of the turbine wreckage is currently being carried out in Germany and is ongoing.

17th March UPDATE – See Conisholme UFO Verdict Cause

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2 thoughts on “Conisholme UFO Crash Site Update – Donut UFO Photo Captured”

  1. Dale stated that lighning was categorically ruled out, I don’t beleive he has changed his stance on that. This is an interesting website, nicley designed. But, if you want to be taken seriously you really need to pay attention to getting your actual facts right, if you can’t quote a terrestrial human correctly, what hope is there for your credibility in other nore exotic details.

  2. Hi Peta,

    Thank you for your comments and observations, they are valued. In terms of the ‘lightning’ being categorically being ruled out by Dale, at the time of this post the comments recorded within were accurate and taken from Dale’s own observations. The source information (at the time) was therefore accurate.


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