UFO Sightings Increasing in 2008 Aliens Amongst Us?

There has been a marked Increase in UFO Sightings in 2008
There has been a marked Increase in UFO Sightings in 2008

Recently released UFO files from the British Governments Ministry of Defence (MoD) has shown that the number of reported UFO Sightings in the UK has risen dramatically in 2008, with an almost 50% increase. The figures make some surprising reading given there were 285 UFO sightings registered with the MoD in 2008. This is in comparison to 2007’s figures of a mere 175 reported unidentified flying object sightings.

Some of the reported sightings make some interesting claims including the UFO around the of a 747 airplane sighted above Leeds in Yorkshire in February 2008. The unknown object was described as a ‘jumbo jet sized object which was flat and round with a blue ripple underside – it made no sound and then disappeared.’

It is of note however, that there may be a correlation between the recent MoD release of information pertaining to investigations conducted by the UK Government in early 2008 and the increase in sightings. The release of these once top secret documents under the freedom of information act has bought the profile of unidentified objects in our skies forward considerably and for this reason, reported sightings may well have had an impact in peoples consciousness.

The MoD continue (as they have done so for many years) to adopt the stance of  ‘we only investigate cases if it is clear that a strategic breach in airspace has been identified presenting a threat to our national security’. If an event is not seen as a ‘threat’ then no further investigations or indeed attempts to ascertain what the unknown objects origins are, will be conducted.

2 thoughts on “UFO Sightings Increasing in 2008 Aliens Amongst Us?”

  1. Hi
    Im not all that interested in the possibilty of Aliens existing or not, but one fact regarding the increased sightings should be noted (and this can be applied to any un-explained phenomena): if, for example, ten years ago 100 people saw a UFO theres high chance you would only hear about this from eye-witness accounts because ten years ago few people carried a camera everywhere they went. But today if 100 people saw a UFO a high percentage of them would be carrying camera phones thereby increasing video/photo sightings.

    Interestingly if you apply the correct statistics, could you come up with conclusive “proof”? Because if the actual CREDIBLE recorded sightings increase in-line with the increase of camera ownership then would this start to eliminate A) attention seeking, exaggerating (usually) Americans with overactive imaginations, (apologies to most Americans, but you know the sort of people im talking about!) and B) plain hoaxes (because with so many camera phones you should have more corroberative evidence).

    And if the sightings do not increase can we assume that most previous recorded sightings were just hoaxes?

    You cant argue with the stats; more cameras = more photos

  2. Hi,experts
    i do believe in UFO’s but never eye witnessed it.if they are reaally there why can’t the try and find any links on it.it is also said milkyway is the only galaxy which has life on it.so.how is this possible that thuy from some another galaxy. If no more are found should we say they were just internet games?

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