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5 Signs Your Home is Haunted

5 Signs Your Home is Haunted

May 16, 2012

In the event that your property is haunted by way of a troublesome soul, in all probability you’ll be eager to do away with it.

Properties can be haunted should the individual that passed away be associated with the location whilst still wanting to remain there following death.¬† The historical past associated with distressing situations supports fragmented spirits trapped inside the area. Land will retain the the historical past present within it. This is typically referred to as an imprint. These kinds of imprints tend to be powerful, animated behaviors. Often you will hear people discussing ‘imprints’ within famous battle fields and often, American native Indian burial plots.

How might you find out if your property is haunted?

Typically the symptoms are unusual noises to the difficult to explain scary sensation you feel within a specific area.

Lets look at the top 5 signs you home maybe haunted to better understand whether your home is actually haunted.

1. How often do the ‘events’ take place and are they consistent or irregular?

2. Have you considered all outside influences?

3. Are the ‘events’ occurring near to or a distance from electrical appliances?

4. If items are ‘moving’ around the home are you confident there are no other explanations?

5. Is the structure and integrity of your home intact?

The fact is that home hauntings are all different and in most cases rationale explanations can be attributed to external influences. This coupled with the heightened human mind can result in many instances of ‘the weird’ becoming something which can be explained.

When you have ruled out all rational explanations (with a clear mind) you are left with the potential your home is haunted.

What to do if you Think your Home is Haunted

5 Signs Your Home is HauntedThe first and most important element to remember is that in virtually all genuine cases of hauntings direct harm caused to human occupants of the property is never prevalent. You are more likely to come to some harm crossing the street than harm being caused to you by a malevolent spirit. In fact the harm is generally caused by the human mind getting itself into such a state of disarray we cause our own problems.

That is not to detract from the fright, scary and anxiousness which a genuine haunting can cause of course. Having investigated a number of genuine cases here in the UK I can vouch for the fact that even for a seasoned investigator, the invisible forces can be extremely frightening. That said, I have never experienced any harm in all my years of paranormal investigations.

So, what can you do? If you have satisfied yourself that the above 5 point checklist is not responsible for the events occurring in your home you next step is to call in the experts. Paranormal investigators (good ones) can help better understand the origins of the haunting. Whether that be a rationale explanation that you may have overlooked or confirmation that you are in fact experiencing something paranormal. On many occasions, the fact you have a second opinion  and confirmation it is not just you can help immensely.

Good quality paranormal investigators can also help calm the house or property and begin to formulate a plan in order to return the house back to you using techniques which are proven to work on a spiritual level. Having extensive experience in residential home hauntings I can often bring help and closure to these cases. I am more than happy to help so if you are experiencing something in your home then please do drop me a line and we can look to explore it further – remember you are not alone and help is available. We also operate a thread in our forum which caters for people whom wish to seek help with residential hauntings, so please drop by the UK Area 51 Forum to learn more.

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