How to Use a Ouija Board to Contact the Other Side Properly

The Ouija board. An historic board with numbers and letters, a simple planchette pointer immersed in folklore and superstition.

The Origins of the Ouija Board

The first iterations of spirit writing were recorded as far back as 1100 AD in China but it wasn’t until 1890 when Elijah Bond first commercialized the concept. It was extensively used in Victorian times when spiritual parlor tricks were rife.

Ouija Warnings

Having used a talking board on many occasions I can tell you that you want to be prepared for what you may witness. Many people are (rightfully) frightened of using such methods to contact the dead and I personally would not recommend it. Why? In many cases creating an ‘open channel’ to the dead can be a dangerous pastime since you rarely are talking to the deceased person you intended. It is advisable to ensure you have an experienced participant at the board with you at all times. Someone whom knows the impact and can react accordingly should anything ‘untoward’ take place.

With the warnings out of the way, lets learn how to use a Ouija Board.

One of the most important aspects of setting up the Ouija board is to ensure that you are able to sit comfortably. This is because you will want all the board participants to be able to place their finger upon the planchette without using any force. The best location to cite the board is at a table where everyone will be comfortable for extended periods.

It is not necessary to turn down lights or light candles. This is simply for atmosphere. If you want to do this properly the environment should be the last thing on your mind.

Allow everyone present to sit comfortably at the table, place the planchette into the middle of the board and position any single finger upon the planchette. They key here is to simply ‘touch’ the planchette with your finger and not to depress upon it.

Your first question to the Ouija Board should be;

“We welcome non malevolent spirits to come forward and communicate with us”

Followed by;

“There is no gateway open for malevolent spirits”

You are now free to ask any questions you wish. I would advise you to keep them simple at first.

Once contact has been established you will begin to feel the planchette moving across the board. Simply record which letters, numbers or symbols the planchette falls upon and await the message to come through.

Do take the Ouija Board seriously – it is not a toy board and if not treated with the respect it deserves you could end up with much, much more than you anticipated….good luck!

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