SkyFish Alien Flying Rods

Flying Rods Skyfish and Aliens

I have always been fascinated with entities in our environment for which we have little to no understanding. Rods or Skyfish as they are sometimes referred are just one of these entities which we understand little.

What are Skyfish or Rods?

With the advances over the past 15-20 years in digital equipment we are now beginning to uncover more information around the rod phenomenon. This is particularly true when considering the advances in slow motion, high definition pictures which are able to show extreme detail at very low speeds. This is generally where the Rods first came to view through digital photography methods. But what are they?

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Before we look in more detail around answers lets first have a quick look at a couple of videos to actually see some of these flying objects;

The Sky Fish or Rod Phenomenon

While shooting some stock, I discovered what could be a sky fish or “rod” in one of my clips. There is plenty of evidence that it’s not a bird, bug or “other thing”. Filmed by accident during a lightning and thunder micro burst. For more of my “stuff”…

Re: Skyfish – Flying rods ufo

Skyfish/flying rods(UFO) in Philippine cave 2008. unidentified mysterious white flying creature called flying rods/skyfish towards the camera. (Unintended Video Recording) Intended for picture taking. Date taken: 03/20/2008. real event Day of Jesus Ch…

There is great speculation around whether these objects darting through our atmosphere are ‘earthly’ in origin. Personally, I think that we have only just begun to identify them more than we have ever had chance before. We are far from identifying their source. What many need to remember is there continue to be many, many aspects of our planet which our technology is not currently equipped to identify. Just like Rods have evaded us until recently I am confident there are more entities residing on our planet which we simply have not seen yet.

Looking closely at the Rods though you are left with many questions. One thing is true however is that we know they travel at extreme velocity which indicates they had evolved this way as a result of avoiding detection and/or prey. This of course is assuming they originate from planet Earth. It may well be they are a remnant of prehistoric times. One thing is for sure though, as technology progresses we will continue to see more and hopefully compelling evidence with which to understand these strange flying rods better.

Would love to hear your views on what you think these flying things are! insects? alien beings?

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