Dead Birds Falling from the Sky 2010

Recent reports of dead birds falling from the sky and laying screwn across surban lawns and roof tops were in fact the carcasses of dead Red-Winged Blackbirds and starlings in Arkansas.

These dead birds falling from the sky had experienced ‘something’ late new years eve 2010 and fell to their deaths over a one mile area of Beebe, Arkansas. A preliminary aerial analysis showed no other dead birds in or around the Arkansas area. Many thoerists are suggesting that dead birds falling from the sky on news years is an indicator of imminent apocalypse and to further this suggestion something even more sinister occured in this very same town.

Not only affected with thousands of dead birds falling from the sky, Arkansas also suffered a massive currently unknown episode whereby thousands of a certain species of fish where washed up in the Arkansas river a few days before the bird masacre. Locals believe the death of this amount of fish is related to water contamination from nearby factories rather than anything sinister.

Experts believe (here is a good National Geoprahic explaination of Dead Birds falling from the Sky) that the reasons for dead birds falling from the sky is nothing more than panic and alarm caused to the birds from fireworks and fell to their deaths as a result of this trauma.

Dead Birds Falling from the SkyAs a result of this stress, the red-winged blackbirds birds became disorientated and expired from over exertion. Studies of the birds subsequently showed healthy organ function although it was identified that many had unexplained blood clots.Several stories suggest the birds suffered from blunt force trauma however, given these are birds we are talking about, falling from the skies when stressed with over exertion you would expect to see this type of injury as a result of the final fall.

It is worth putting these reports into context given this types of bird deaths occur many times across the globe each year.For example, Jan 2007 saw Australian birds suffer a similar fate which incidentally took place at the end of the 07 meaning a very similar period.

As for my thoughts, I understand that muslims believe that birds are a sign of prosperity, freedom, carefree and therefore dead birds falling from the sky is a bad omen.? It signals the end of freedom and prosperity.

Many conspirocy thoerists are suggesting that the govenment has a part to play in this tradgedy. I have heard stories around weapons tests to name but a few.

There is even suggestion that bio-weapons are being tested over the skies of Arkansas through the release of thousands of insects exposed to a yellow fever virus in an attempt to see how affective the insects are at transporting the virus. Further, following these tests officials disguised as public health workers were said to be walking the local streets to understand what effect if any, these tests have had upon the populas.

One final thought on dead birds falling from the sky over Arkansas, I have yet to hear anything about ‘Chem’ trails which are omited by aircraft given I understand that a higher than average amount of trails were seen in Beebe, new years eve 2010 in Arkansas…..what do you think?

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