Names of Satanic Demons

Ancient texts and later day religious readings all depict powerful demons as evil beings from the bowels of the underworld, residing in a dimension that only subsists to combat heaven. These demonic evil creatures appear to take on many identities, some of them seldom human, unless demonic control looks to be at play.

These ancient texts translated through the ages, have clearly depicted satanic demons as fallen angels or something beckoned by the presumed witches of the time to obtain the capacity to occupy the body of humans, only extricating it through the ancient ritual of an exorcism. Given demons are believed by many to be fallen angels and the contrary of all that is good or holds sanctum, a clergyman is typically called upon to carry out the ritual.

Demons have been feared and written about in practically every society in one type or another for as long as historical events have been noted and some credit them to be tangible physical entities that can take the form of anything, including small children. Other people think about real demons as more of a non-material force of evil fighting for one’s spirit.

It is perhaps pertinent to draw our minds back to an era when acute schizophrenia disorders were widely considered manifestations of demon possession or indeed where individuals own beliefs labeled them with a stereo typical persona which in later day times resulted in a state sanctioned execution.

The witch trials at Salem Village, for example, were founded on the conviction that particular individuals were possessed by the devil. During the Medieval times, the Christians traditionally thought of all paranormal things that were not clearly interpreted as holy by the bible as an evil matter, generally dealing with the Demon or fallen angels.

The two most frequently referred to forms of demons are the incubus and succubus and notwithstanding the fact that the actual names of satanic demons appear to have developed through the ages differing from one religious text to another, there are however some common powerful demons names persisting including;

Lilith (also Lila, Lilitu and Lalu)

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  1. These are just some of the demons that run world leaders and human affairs. It,s the reason we have wars cause they are trying to kill off many humans before their time is up. They chose to follow satan and the only thing he’s want to do is to” Steal, Kill, and Destroy” and war, famine, murder, warmonging all contribute to the devils plan…Why, do we allow ungodly men and women run our affairs, people who would sell their soul for money and power. People that lie about their true agendas. We Don’t Need NO GOVERMENT” We need a new order for the people, all people, all races, all tribes. Goverment play the stupidy of it’s people against each other cause it HELP their agenda to move thru without prying eyes… These demons will cause a major crisis in human history that will make every other war look small. There will be a time where evil will seem like it prevail but holdfast cause GOD haven’t forgot about you….The devil want you to believe that so you can blame him(GOD) for what man and satan are doing together against you. Man VS Man and satan’s the ref. Learn how to be self suffient or get caught with your pants down cause a famine is heading our way(America) and will change the hearts of even law abing people….

  2. I know the person who Lilith controls. I am with her. I have put her into trance a few times to ask questions. This is what i have found so far. The earth as we know it will come to an end in our lifetimes. Within me dwells the Final Solution, the final weapon, that the demons will use against Gods forces. I do not know the name…but i know of what she speaks…there is a voice inside me that is not my own. And believe me…whatever Satan has planned for us all…it will be horrific, and i will help lead those armys

  3. Hey Gerald, If you was told that then you know that GOD IS ALMIGHTY, HE’S THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA. Satan already know he can’t win and only trying to take as many souls with him to hell. Satan is a LIE…. Yeah, He has a day in judgement with all his followers. How do you support the creation and not THE CREATOR.. It shows how GOD allow man to fall to the desires in their heart… GOD IS COMING……. I can’t wait to see all the fools of the world fall to their needs and confess GOD IS THE ALMIGHTY……We are living on barrow times and the DAYS OF JOBS are coming but HOLD ON A CHANGE IS COMING, HOLD ON DON’T WORRY ABOUT A THING….GOD is the TRUTH

  4. god is coming lol what a load of crap! people have been saying that for thousands of years…the closest to “god” we will ever get is taking a look at scientific FACT!!

  5. This is just a loving reminder for Khris; if you have a bible and you turn to 2 Peter 3:3,4 (keep reading after that if you desire further enlightenment but really focus on verses 3 & 4) – you will find people saying what you are now saying only it was recorded two-thousand years ago – nothing new. Make no mistake… the Jews were saying that about the Messiah for four-thousand years before – and then Jesus came. He said He would come again and He is not a liar. He said people would question His coming… He was right. At the end of the day, science can no more help us answer the past than it can the future. Six-thousand years of depraved human history and things are not getting better… question isn’t what you believe… the question is, “Who is Truth?” Love, Andy

  6. Seriously? God is coming? hahahahahahahahahah God is truth? GOD IS LIES! I used to have faith in him but after many times of praying and everything getting extremely worse I gave up on him. Now im a Satanist and let me tell you its alot better than believing in HIM. and Asmodeus sounds like an awesome name.

  7. IZZY,
    You GAVE UP on the TRUTH. Satan wanted to see you DOWN and OUT, wondering if YHWH will LISTEN. It happen to JOB and he was a GREAT MAN so you will have PROBLEMS we all do. Now, Why would you worship the CREATION and not the CREATOR. The ELITE don’t disclose any REAL TRUTH about anything cause they want to you to remain CONFUSED and LOST. Satan job is to STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROYED. He KNEW what he ways doing to you, all the BS that TEAR YOU DOWN and keep you DEPRESSED. It HELPS to DESTROY the LINK between you and the YHWH.

  8. Guys he was listing demons not trying to provoke a religious fight. Heres what I believe to be true. Nothing. If we believe erverything we are na?ve and will be decieved. I follow the philosophy of seeing is believing

  9. is there a demon whose name is either Antarox,Antharox,Antharax or yeah…I dont know how to spell it but I think its the frist one….soo…is it????

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