UFO Discussion Video Canadian Defense Minister

UFO – Extraterrestrial Contact Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer Exposing the truth regards to UFO / Unidentified Flying Objects & Extraterrestrial Life. Recorded at the April 2008 X-Conference at the National Press Club, Washinghton DC Disclosure Project was set up and headed by Dr. Steven Greer in 1993. To date, several hundred such witnesses have been identified throughout the world and spanning every branch of the armed services, the NRO, DIA, CIA, NASA, the former USSR, and …

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3 thoughts on “UFO Discussion Video Canadian Defense Minister”

  1. It’s so weird how they keep this information secret from some of the top ranks in Government. Makes you wonder how powerful the people behind the scenes are.

  2. Yes many refer to them as the powers that be, because of there secret agendas but what can one person do we can all stick together and report all the information as much as we know as lease some of us do, lets keep trying hopefully we all get disclosure all over the world.

    Anyone with information concerning the matter please feel free to click on my name here and comment on my blog about extraterrestrial news.


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