Top 10 Egyptian Statues Revealed

Egypt has many, many treasures of our ancient past but what are some of the top Egyptian status since there are so many of them? Click on any of the below images to learn more about each one and what impact it has upon our understanding of ancient Egypt and the amazing array of statues, gods and technology they reveal.

Real Ghost Picture or Fake?

I routinely scour through the latest news and blogs looking for recent ghostly apparition sightings and came across this article from the ABC Australia newsroom. The back story to the ghostly image is common place but in the interests of impartiality this is the story behind this alleged ghost photo.

Tasmania’s Maria Island

A group of school students from Triabunna High School were camping on the isolated Maria Island. Whilst walking around the buildings upon the island the group of 8th graders ventured into the ‘Coffee Palace’ whereby they proceeded to snap this picture.

A Picture of a Real Ghost?
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The Ghost Story Connection

A ghostly image is not complete without the back story. In this case the ghost image is attributed to one of Maria Islands long deceased residents a Rosa Adkins. Rosa was the wife of Thomas Adkins and died in 1942. It is alleged that Mrs Adkins was associated with the Coffee Palace through running a restaurant and boarding lodge many years earlier. In addition to the ghostly tale many visitors to the Palace have encountered ghostly goings on and had to steer clear of the location for fear of seeing the ghost of Mrs Adkins.

The Ghost Image

Having conducted some enhancements to the original image the image to the right has had some defining filter applied to it. There certainly is an image present within the right hand pane of glass. The fact is we could be seeing a reflection from the person or persons taking the photo. That said, there is definitely an image present and you have to use your judgement as to whether this is a genuine ghostly image or simply mis-identification.

Ghost Sightings

Have you had a ghost encounter and caught it on camera? Have you experienced your very own ghostly apparition? Drop round to our Ghost Sightings Section of the forum and lets us and other experts know about it.

5 Signs Your Home is Haunted

In the event that your property is haunted by way of a troublesome soul, in all probability you’ll be eager to do away with it.

Properties can be haunted should the individual that passed away be associated with the location whilst still wanting to remain there following death.  The historical past associated with distressing situations supports fragmented spirits trapped inside the area. Land will retain the the historical past present within it. This is typically referred to as an imprint. These kinds of imprints tend to be powerful, animated behaviors. Often you will hear people discussing ‘imprints’ within famous battle fields and often, American native Indian burial plots.

How might you find out if your property is haunted?

Typically the symptoms are unusual noises to the difficult to explain scary sensation you feel within a specific area.

Lets look at the top 5 signs you home maybe haunted to better understand whether your home is actually haunted.

1. How often do the ‘events’ take place and are they consistent or irregular?

2. Have you considered all outside influences?

3. Are the ‘events’ occurring near to or a distance from electrical appliances?

4. If items are ‘moving’ around the home are you confident there are no other explanations?

5. Is the structure and integrity of your home intact?

The fact is that home hauntings are all different and in most cases rationale explanations can be attributed to external influences. This coupled with the heightened human mind can result in many instances of ‘the weird’ becoming something which can be explained.

When you have ruled out all rational explanations (with a clear mind) you are left with the potential your home is haunted.

What to do if you Think your Home is Haunted

5 Signs Your Home is HauntedThe first and most important element to remember is that in virtually all genuine cases of hauntings direct harm caused to human occupants of the property is never prevalent. You are more likely to come to some harm crossing the street than harm being caused to you by a malevolent spirit. In fact the harm is generally caused by the human mind getting itself into such a state of disarray we cause our own problems.

That is not to detract from the fright, scary and anxiousness which a genuine haunting can cause of course. Having investigated a number of genuine cases here in the UK I can vouch for the fact that even for a seasoned investigator, the invisible forces can be extremely frightening. That said, I have never experienced any harm in all my years of paranormal investigations.

So, what can you do? If you have satisfied yourself that the above 5 point checklist is not responsible for the events occurring in your home you next step is to call in the experts. Paranormal investigators (good ones) can help better understand the origins of the haunting. Whether that be a rationale explanation that you may have overlooked or confirmation that you are in fact experiencing something paranormal. On many occasions, the fact you have a second opinion  and confirmation it is not just you can help immensely.

Good quality paranormal investigators can also help calm the house or property and begin to formulate a plan in order to return the house back to you using techniques which are proven to work on a spiritual level. Having extensive experience in residential home hauntings I can often bring help and closure to these cases. I am more than happy to help so if you are experiencing something in your home then please do drop me a line and we can look to explore it further – remember you are not alone and help is available. We also operate a thread in our forum which caters for people whom wish to seek help with residential hauntings, so please drop by the UK Area 51 Forum to learn more.

How to Use a Ouija Board to Contact the Other Side Properly

The Ouija board. An historic board with numbers and letters, a simple planchette pointer immersed in folklore and superstition.

The Origins of the Ouija Board

The first iterations of spirit writing were recorded as far back as 1100 AD in China but it wasn’t until 1890 when Elijah Bond first commercialized the concept. It was extensively used in Victorian times when spiritual parlor tricks were rife.

Ouija Warnings

Having used a talking board on many occasions I can tell you that you want to be prepared for what you may witness. Many people are (rightfully) frightened of using such methods to contact the dead and I personally would not recommend it. Why? In many cases creating an ‘open channel’ to the dead can be a dangerous pastime since you rarely are talking to the deceased person you intended. It is advisable to ensure you have an experienced participant at the board with you at all times. Someone whom knows the impact and can react accordingly should anything ‘untoward’ take place.

With the warnings out of the way, lets learn how to use a Ouija Board.

One of the most important aspects of setting up the Ouija board is to ensure that you are able to sit comfortably. This is because you will want all the board participants to be able to place their finger upon the planchette without using any force. The best location to cite the board is at a table where everyone will be comfortable for extended periods.

It is not necessary to turn down lights or light candles. This is simply for atmosphere. If you want to do this properly the environment should be the last thing on your mind.

Allow everyone present to sit comfortably at the table, place the planchette into the middle of the board and position any single finger upon the planchette. They key here is to simply ‘touch’ the planchette with your finger and not to depress upon it.

Your first question to the Ouija Board should be;

“We welcome non malevolent spirits to come forward and communicate with us”

Followed by;

“There is no gateway open for malevolent spirits”

You are now free to ask any questions you wish. I would advise you to keep them simple at first.

Once contact has been established you will begin to feel the planchette moving across the board. Simply record which letters, numbers or symbols the planchette falls upon and await the message to come through.

Do take the Ouija Board seriously – it is not a toy board and if not treated with the respect it deserves you could end up with much, much more than you anticipated….good luck!

Are Vampires Real? Fact or Fiction?

In the face of belonging to the earliest and most commonplace beings of world mythology, the starting point of vampires has always been unidentified for hundreds of years. It was not till the Scriptures associated with Delphi were discovered that people received a look inside the initial vampire heritage.

In a far more contemporary fable seen in the Scriptures of Delphi , Artemis calls for pity over adolescent hunter that is doomed by means of Apollo to reside simply by the illumination of the moon and offered him unnatural hunting capabilities in return for loyalty to her only. This is often believed to have been the source of the principal vampire.

Want to talk to other like mind Vampires? Check out our new Vampire Forum!

All through the Eighteenth century a lot of people thought that vampires were genuine and they existed amongst them. High lawmakers and representatives took part in the vampire hunts, and they also had persons dug up which they believed to be vampires. They then would burn the bodies and sometimes put the ashes in the waterway or spread them in the breeze to make certain the vampire didn’t return.

Even more misguided beliefs of vampires originates from a mixture off a couple of illnesses which were diagnosed primarily within transulvania, home of the vampire. The actual illnesses are unquestionably rabies and Porphyria, that would together result in the particular ‘symptoms’ that they are a vampire.

So Are Vampires Real?

Typically the vampires in modern-day publications, films as well as in the media are extremely complex beings. Based on the main mythology, each and every vampire was at one time a person, who, following getting attacked by a vampire, perished and rose from the grave being a beast. Vampires desire the blood of the living, to who they seek out during the night time. Each uses their “classic” fangs to puncture their particular victims’ necks. Most people are persuaded they are really in fact true to life vampires which manifests itself in a clinical condition.

Clinical Vampirism

Clinical Vampirism is actually a mental health symptom in that there exists a fixation upon blood and the misconception of really being a vampire. Typically the fascination to our blood Do Vampires Existis largely sexual in design and may even be coupled with the concept its ingestion delivers specific strengths. Clinical vampirism is shown to appear through dreams involved with blood and erotic enjoyment, commonly brought on through a number of accounts of childhood contact with blood, that the affected person found appealing.

Recognized mental health expert and writer Richard Noll suggested the definition of Renfield’s Affliction based upon Dracula’s insect ingesting thrall, to displace that of health-related vampirism. Employed temporarily and alternately with ‘clinical vampirism’, it is no more accepted as a diagnostic phrase by the Us Psychiatric Organization.

The Christianity Link to Vampirism

Without having Christianity, the vampire fable could possibly have perished. The depraved characteristics of vampirism shuns it as taboo by Religious doctrine. The writers analyze the fact that church employed irrational belief to perpetuate the vampire fantasy as a type of control. The very idea of vampirism is built around a number of diverse paradigms, in particular of females, kept by contemporary society in the past.

Do Vampires Exist?

True or fiction there is little factual evidence to substantiate it. Our earlier vampire post in 2009 sheds some light upon what was thought several centuries ago but the reality is we are no further down the road in terms of hard evidence to support the fact that vampires live amongst us – unless you know differently of course…..! (lets us know below)

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